Finding tenants isn’t an easy task, and time-consuming tenant screenings, apartment showings, and rental term negotiations only increase your stress level.

To make things easier, you can hire a property manager, use property management software, rely on the power of word of mouth, or advertise your rental on marketing websites and social media groups to attract potential tenants. However you do it, you’re likely to find a tenant...but are you sure you’ll find a quality one?

Tom has recently started to invest in real estate and signed up for a TenantCloud account because he had vacant rentals and was tired of unreliable tenants. Tom thought it was unlikely he could run his rental business using just one tool, but TenantCloud had everything Tom needed. After signing up for TenantCloud, Tom was able to find tenants in just a few days, and now he also uses the software for other purposes like collecting rent online, resolving maintenance issues, communicating with his tenants online, and more.

We got a ticket from Tom saying a hilarious thing “if you need a new haircut, you go to the barber, and if you need tenants - you go to TenantCloud”. That’s how Tom inspired TC team to create few funny videos that show similar analogies. 





If you are looking for the perfect tenant, follow Tom’s example and create a listing through TenantCloud whenever you have a vacancy:

A free TenantCloud custom website helps market your vacancies more effectively. Plus, you can upload photos of your vacant units and add video tours to attract more applicants. When viewing a listing, a potential tenant can click “Apply now” and fill out the application form. 

Your TenantCloud listing is sent to numerous partner sites like Zillow, Trulia, and 

Accepting rental applications and application fees online saves time and paper. (Yes, we’re environmentally conscious!)

With tenant screening services offered by TenantCloud, you can run background and credit checks on potential tenants. This will verify the tenant’s Social Security number, previous addresses, and employment history, as well as check for any criminal history they might have. 

A totally updated TenantCloud tenant portal makes the tenant experience so much easier. Tenants will stay in your rental longer if the tools they use to manage their rental is user-friendly. The smoother the process is, the more likely you’ll retain the best tenants.

TenantCloud makes the landlord experience a more productive process, from finding tenants to signing lease agreements and collecting rent payments.


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