This year has been uneasy for all of us, as we’ve faced tons of challenges. But life is going on, and so are we.

In 2020, we’ve found ourselves spending a lot of time in our homes, without many opportunities to go outside or meet up with our closest people. But we’ve managed to adjust to the new circumstances and go with the flow: we have been working from home, partying from home, and finding joy in the new reality. 

It was quite a challenge for landlords and property managers globally. They were wondering how to efficiently run their rental business without going outside, meeting with prospective tenants in-person, signing leases, and doing home maintenance.  

That’s when we saw a huge demand for TenantCloud. For the last five years we have been encouraging people to move their business online, take advantage of online management tools, and start automating their business activities to have more time for their friends and family. Now, it has become more necessary than ever.

We are happy to be part of that transformation and look forward to helping you through whatever comes next. We want everyone to stay healthy (and more relaxed thanks to automation of your tasks)!

We asked a few of our users about their experience using TenantCloud and how it helps them manage rentals. 

Here’s their feedback:


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