In the competitive world of real estate, maximizing profits as a landlord is a top priority. While some may view property management software as an unnecessary expense, studies have shown that embracing technology can lead to significant financial gains. In fact, a survey revealed that 47% of landlords experienced a substantial increase in their earnings, with 79% achieving this within the first six months of implementing property management software. 

The benefits extend beyond financial success, as landlords also gain the invaluable gift of time. By automating various tasks and streamlining operations, landlords can reclaim precious hours spent with their families, pursuing hobbies, or scaling up their businesses. In this article, we will explore how upgrading your TenantCloud plan can unlock the full potential of your rental business and help you achieve greater profitability.

Evaluating Limitations with The Starter Plan

Starter Plan $15 monthly/$144 annually

TenantCloud's Starter Plan offers a range of valuable benefits for landlords looking to streamline their property management processes and enhance their overall efficiency. Here are some key advantages of the Starter Plan:

1. Online Rent Collection: With the Starter Plan, landlords can easily collect rent payments online, providing a convenient and secure payment method for tenants. This eliminates the need for manual rent collection, reduces administrative tasks, and ensures timely and accurate payments. Upgrading your TenantCloud plan offers more than just enhanced features and tools for efficient property management; our fee structure is also designed to benefit your business. With each plan upgrade, you will experience a reduction in commission fees and maximize earnings from properties. Our Business Plan offers customized fees tailored to your specific needs.

2. Tenant Communication: The Starter Plan includes features facilitating seamless communication with tenants. Landlords can send messages, share important updates, and address inquiries directly through the TenantCloud platform. These centralized communications streamline interactions and improve tenant satisfaction.

3. Document Management: Managing and organizing documents related to rental properties can be a time-consuming task. The Starter Plan offers document storage and management capabilities, allowing landlords to upload, store, and access important files such as leases, agreements, and maintenance records in a secure and centralized location.

4. Maintenance Tracking: Keeping track of maintenance requests and scheduling repairs can be challenging for landlords. The Starter Plan provides tools for managing maintenance requests, tracking their progress, and assigning tasks to service professionals. This simplifies the maintenance process, ensures timely resolution of issues, and maintains tenant satisfaction.

5. Financial Insights: The Starter Plan offers basic financial reporting features that allow landlords to track income and expenses related to their rental properties. This provides valuable insights into cash flow, profitability, and financial performance, helping landlords make informed decisions and optimize their financial strategies.

By utilizing the features and capabilities of the Starter Plan, landlords can experience increased efficiency, improved communication with tenants, simplified document management, streamlined maintenance processes, and better financial insights. While the Growth and Business Plans offer additional advanced features, the Starter Plan is a solid foundation for landlords to effectively manage their rental properties and lay the groundwork for future growth. 

The TenantCloud Starter Plan offers a comprehensive set of features tailored for DIY landlords managing up to 10 properties or those managing an unlimited number of properties. It provides a solid foundation for efficient property management. However, for those seeking to elevate their business to new heights, TenantCloud's Growth Plan is the ideal choice. The Growth Plan unlocks a suite of advanced features that can take your property management operations to a completely new level. These enhanced tools allow you to streamline your processes, scale your business, and maximize your profitability. Let's explore the possibilities of the Growth Plan and unlock the full potential of your property management endeavors.

Unleashing Potential with the Growth Plan

Growth Plan $50 monthly/$480 annually

As a landlord or property manager, you must continuously evaluate your strategies and tools to stay ahead in the competitive real estate market. That's why upgrading to a higher-tier plan, such as TenantCloud's Growth Plan, is a smart move to maximize your profit potential. Making bigger investments in advanced features and capabilities opens doors to greater opportunities for generating cash flow.

With the Growth Plan, you can access exclusive features that significantly enhance your property management efficiency and effectiveness. Experience the power of TenantCloud's Growth Plan as you unlock an array of exclusive features designed to unleash the full potential of your property management business:

1. Keys & Locks Management: Simplify the management of access to your properties with advanced key and lock management tools. Enjoy the benefits of enhanced security, streamlined key distribution, and the convenience of managing access remotely.

2. Property Manager Tools: Take advantage of a comprehensive suite of tools tailored to meet the unique needs of managing larger communities. From efficient communication with tenants and owners to streamlined maintenance requests and vendor management, these tools will significantly boost your productivity and organizational capabilities.

3. Listing Website & Logo: Elevate your brand presence with a professional listing website and a custom logo. Showcase your properties in a visually appealing manner, attract a broader audience of potential tenants, and leave a lasting impression with a strong and recognizable brand identity.

4. Owner Approvals for Maintenance: Enhance collaboration and communication with property owners by allowing them to approve or decline maintenance requests directly through the TenantCloud platform. Streamline the approval process, improve transparency, and build stronger relationships with your owners. Foster stronger collaboration and transparency with property owners through individual owner portals. Access essential property information, review financial statements, and track maintenance requests, building trust and enhancing relationships.

5. Fees & Distribution Tools: Simplify financial management and ensure transparent communication with owners by easily tracking and distributing fees. With intuitive fee management tools, you can streamline your financial processes, generate accurate reports, and provide owners with clear and concise financial statements.

6. Landlord Forms: Simplify administrative tasks with a comprehensive library of pre-built landlord forms. Customize and utilize templates for lease agreements, move-in checklists, and more, ensuring efficient documentation and streamlined communication with tenants.

7. Sync with QuickBooks Online: Seamlessly integrate your TenantCloud account with QuickBooks, the industry-leading accounting software. Automate financial processes, streamline bookkeeping tasks and gain real-time insights into your financial health.

From streamlined communication and improved tenant screening to enhanced marketing and financial management tools, the Growth Plan empowers you to optimize your operations and attract high-quality tenants. Investing in these advanced functionalities allows you to achieve higher rental income, minimize vacancies, and ultimately increase your bottom line.

Annual Subscription Benefits

Opting for an annual subscription brings even more advantages to your landlord or property management journey. By committing to an annual subscription, you unlock benefits that allow you to make the most of your investment. 

First and foremost, an annual subscription offers cost savings compared to a monthly subscription. With a single upfront payment for the entire year, you can enjoy a discounted rate, ensuring your business's long-term affordability and financial stability.

Furthermore, an annual subscription provides uninterrupted access to all the premium features and functionalities of the Plan you choose. Harness the power of advanced tools, such as comprehensive financial reporting, automated lease renewals, and customized branding options, for a full year without any interruptions or limitations.

Easily Upgrade Your TenantCloud Plan

  1. Log in to your TenantCloud account. Click on your profile icon in the top-right corner of the screen, and let's embark on an exciting upgrade journey.
  2. From the drop-down menu, select "Subscription & Billing."
  3. On the Subscription & Billing page, you'll see your current plan details. Scroll down to the "Upgrade Plan" section.
  4. Click on the "Upgrade" button, and voila! A new window will appear, displaying the available plans.
  5. Choose the plan that best suits your needs and click on the "Upgrade" button next to it.
  6. Review the plan details, including the features and pricing.
  7. If you are satisfied with the plan, click the "Confirm Upgrade" button.
  8. Enter your payment details.
  9. With your upgraded plan, you'll tap into a whole new world of efficiency, productivity, and growth. Get ready to conquer the property management universe!

Upgrade your TenantCloud Plan now and let your business soar to new heights of success and fulfillment!