While minimalism is super trendy for Millennial and Gen-Z renters, there's no reason landlords should disregard the trend. These two generations will probably be your target audience for the next few decades, so it's increasingly important to appeal to their priorities (even if they're only aesthetic). 

Renting out single-family homes and apartments with simple, minimalist interior design means you'll attract the renters who care about where they live. For first-time tenants, renting a minimalist apartment can help them transform their renting psychology from the "the more - the better" into "less is more" principle. 

You Don't Need All the Stuff You Own

Decluttering your own home, and then the rentals you manage is the key to getting closer to a minimalist lifestyle. Once you adopt it yourself, you'll be able to encourage your prospective tenants to develop a minimalist mindset as well. 

Next time you're listing a property, take a critical look at the stuff inside the rental. Will the tenant need all of that? If not, streamline the design elements of your space. Find simple tasks, like ripping out ornate molding or removing dated shutters, that can instantly make your rental feel more timeless. 

A minimalist interior design

Live with Less 

Life isn't about having things that collect dust. The newest generation of renters typically wants to rent a simple, light-filled rental with minimum objects. However, there are still things you won't be able to wave goodbye to. 

If your rental is already furnished, consider organizing hidden storage in the rental to avoid extra clutter. A great space-saving solution would be under-bed storage or a bed frame with drawers to stow all the necessary items like blankets, towels, etc. This kind of design approach will make the whole rental look more spacious and minimalistic. 

If you're working with an empty property, consider a monochromatic color palette for the walls and ceiling, and avoid adding non-functional elements when renovating a rental. Don't forget to emphasize these characteristics when marketing your rental property: trendy tenants will love the Scandinavian-inspired minimalism. 

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A minimalist apartment

A Tiny Houses Philosophy

When talking about minimalism from the perspective of the real estate industry, it's worth mentioning the tiny house movement that is now pretty popular in the U.S. There are around 2,500 tiny houses for rent in the U.S. and it looks like the number is constantly growing. 

How is a tiny house connected with a minimalist lifestyle? A tiny house is a residential structure under 400 square feet. You won't want to store too much in a tiny house, as there's simply not enough living and storage space. Tiny living means adapting to a more efficient space by avoiding unnecessary items and finding beauty in simplicity. 

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Overall, the perception of minimalism varies in different cultures but the basic understanding seems to overlap: It's the art of being happy with less. 

Do you agree that minimalist apartment design can change tenant psychology? Share your thoughts and ideas by leaving comments below. We'd love to hear what you think.:)

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