Are you getting frustrated in your rental because you feel limited in how you can decorate? It’s a common dilemma for many tenants as many landlords don’t let you paint or make holes in the walls. We truly understand your desire to personalize or place and add style, so here are a few ways that will help you add a personal touch to your rental and leave your security deposit intact ;)

1. Flooring.

Generally landlords don’t love it when their renters change the flooring, but who won’t allow you to buy an area rug? It will help hide all the things you didn’t like in your flooring and create a positive atmosphere in your home. Plus, you can always take it with you if you move, so it’s better to choose the one you really like and not to save on it. Small bit of advice: rugs are perfect for camouflaging your kids’ or pets’ stains, so choosing a colourful one can solve a lot of your problems.


2. Baskets.

Another trick is to use baskets as a general “hold all” for a lot of things. As we know there is never enough storage, and baskets are a perfect option. You can store so many things you won’t even know where to put them before then. You’ll be surprised how much space they can save you and how organized you’ll be. They can also turn into an accessory if displayed somewhere in a visible place.


3. Doors.

Don’t forget about the doors, especially about the front door. You don’t just have to decorate it for Christmas, but anytime you want to add some extra. It is a great way to welcome guests. Hang a Moroccan tassel, faux flowers, coloured ribbons or perhaps some souvenirs from your last trip; it is also a good way to identify the rooms of your kids.


4. Greenery.

Have you heard about succulents? I’m sure you have, as this latest trend is everywhere now. And no wonder, as it is a very simple and cost effective way to breathe and filter the air while adding some greenery to your home space. You can put these plants anywhere, in your kitchen, bedroom or even in the bathroom. Why not? Bathrooms deserve to be decorated just like every other room.


5. Mirrors.

Mirrors are just a must in every home. They can make a small space feel large, a narrow space feel wide, and they can bounce light around even in the darkest rooms. Add a colorful or ornament frame and they will become artwork. Full length mirrors look better near the front door while smaller mirrors look great when hung together on a wall in your bedroom or living room.

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6. Photos and pictures

There is no need to create a full-blown gallery in your living room, but a few small pictures or framed photos will give the decor of the room a very polished look. You can also get prints of your Instagram account photos that would personalize your space and are perfect for making an inexpensive piece of art on your walls.

Photos and pictures

7. Books.

If that was not enough for you, try to search for more creative things, like color coding books, for example. Sometimes you don’t even need a paintbrush to play with colors. Just play around with arranging your books by color. Of course, this looks best with a large collection of books, but even if yours is small, don’t worry, it will still look pretty awesome.


8. Lighting

Having adequate and quality lighting is very important in every home, no matter whether it is a rental or your own one. When you notice that your rooms aren’t properly illuminated or you lack some light near the couch or anywhere else, don’t hesitate to put additional lamps there. Floor and table lamps will help you greatly with this problem, and again, they can easily be moved from place to place. And don’t forget, it’s not possible to enjoy all those lovely things from your decor in the dark :)


With these easy and cheap home decor secrets, your home will feel like your own, we promise :)

If there is something you want to fix or consult your landlord, just create a maintenance request from your TenantCloud Tenant account, and your landlord will be notified immediately.

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