If you think that tenants like cozy and romantic bedrooms in their rental, you're only half right. But you might change your mind after finding out that 76% of tenants are looking for functional bedrooms with hidden storage and quality lightning. 

There are numerous design solutions that can help to maximize space in a bedroom and make it more functional. Let's take a look at a few of them.

Hidden storage

Imagine that you have a lot of stuff to bring when moving in. Wouldn't it be nice to hide it somewhere to avoid extra clutter? Underbed storage or a bedframe with drawers is a great space-saving solution. Your tenants can stow blankets, towels, clothes, or children's toys there. This will make the bedroom look bigger, more spacious, and minimalistic. Leave only safe and practical furniture, since too many decorative items won't optimize the space, and even worse, they could make the room look messy. 
After all, a bedroom is a more personal area than the living or dining room. 

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Vertical spaces

Whether it's a closet organizer or a bookshelf above the bed (be careful with the latter!), take advantage of vertical spaces in your interior design. Install nice shelves for cosmetics, accessories, or other products. This will add storage space to the bedroom. But first make sure the shelves are properly installed.

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Quality lighting

Natural light is an important consideration for the bedroom. A well-lit bedroom has the power to seal the deal with tenants, as it makes a room more comfortable and livable. Wide windows let natural daylight flood into the room, making it brighter.
Additionally, you can use LEDs that last longer and use less energy in comparison to traditional light bulbs. Another advantage of LEDs is that they allow you to see the real color of objects. Energy-saving LEDs are environmentally safe, causing no harm to the environment. 

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Functional decorative elements

Drawer organizers and dividers are great for organizing a space and keeping small items in one place. Tenants appreciate the ability to store keys, coins, pens, cables, etc. in the nightstand drawer.
Candles might not seem functional, but they add positive, relaxing vibes to the whole rental. Place a few scented candles on the nightstand to create soothing ambiance. 
Also, include curtains or blinds to cover windows and a large mirror to visually enlarge the room. 

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