It's high time to start caring for the environment. The ongoing negative effects of climate change prompt landlords and property managers to establish cost-effective strategies to reduce the impact of their rentals on the environment. Living during the eco-friendly era means being as sustainable as possible, or at least trying to develop an eco-conscious attitude toward the Earth.

Are you working to make your rental properties eco-friendly?

Answer these five questions to know how green your property is:

1. Have you replaced light bulbs with LEDs?

LEDs last longer and use less energy in comparison to traditional light bulbs. The replacement of normal light bulbs doesn't take much time, and the price isn't that high. Another advantage of LEDs is their high Color Rendering Index that allows you to see the real color of objects. Plus, energy-saving LEDs are environmentally safe, causing no harm to the environment.

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Five easy questions regarding eco-friendly rental properties


2. Do you use the Earth's natural resources?

The best way to benefit from natural resources is to install large windows to let natural light in. It will also keep your rental warm during cool summer nights when the heating system is usually turned off. Another great idea is to start apartment gardening. There are numerous plants that are likely to grow on a balcony. By allowing your renters to have a small apartment garden, you'll attract more Millennials and Gen Zers to your rental property.  

Five easy questions regarding eco-friendly rental properties


3. Are there any water filters in your rental properties?

By installing a water filtration system, you're likely to decrease the number of plastic water bottles used on a daily basis. Plus, high quality water filters will remove contaminants from drinking water while leaving in useful minerals.

Five easy questions regarding eco-friendly rentals


4. Have you switched to a digital property management system?

Paper lease agreements can be easily substituted with digital documents. With property management software systems, you can communicate with your connected tenants, sign lease agreements using E-signature, and provide online payments inside the system. TenantCloud allows you to go paperless and get closer to a zero waste philosophy. The zero waste movement aims to help the environment by reducing pollution and producing no trash. So-called green property management has become a popular trend among landlords and property managers.

If you do care about our environment, property management software is a panacea. Such a tool will not only contribute to the effectiveness of your property management business, but also help save the Earth. The average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper every year, so switching to digital options is essential.

Five easy questions regarding eco-friendly rental properties


5. Do you encourage your tenants to turn the thermostat down and turn off the air conditioning when they are away?

By controlling the temperature inside the apartment and turning off appliances, tenants save energy and lower utility bills. But it's not only about the economy. Smart consumption is a skill everyone needs to learn in order to contribute to environmental protection.

Five easy questions regarding eco-friendly rental properties

Are you a supporter of green property management? Share your ideas by leaving comments below. We'd love to hear your thoughts on the topic. :)


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