We’re happy to present our latest release bringing some new experiences and many new features to what is already available in your TC account. This is what’s new: 

TenantCloud News Release End Lease

We’ve made some improvements to the Move Out process. Now when clicking on the End Lease button, you’ll see the summary of all unpaid invoices and deposits held. Here you’ll be able to record unpaid invoices as paid, void or delete, apply deposit toward unpaid invoice return or it, add new transactions, add notes, and etc.
TenantCloud Accounting

TenantCloud New ReleaseInvoices

Now you can spot the recurring invoices right away on the accounting list. The tiny recurring icon indicates that the transactions is recurring and you can easily distinguish those from single one-time invoices. Additionally, now Landlords can void both unpaid and paid invoices, which can be helpful when you want to wave late fees, but keep a record of it.

TenantCloud New ReleasePartial Online Payments Restriction on Late Payments

Online Payments settings got some customization and now you can apply additional settings to partial payments. You can block tenants from submitting partial payments if the invoices grace period has passed. This will allow you to limit the ability of a tenant to being able to only pay in full if they are in arrears.

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Tem\nantCloud New ReleaseGoogle Calendar Synchronization

We’ve got numerous requests from our users to synchronize the TenantCloud Calendar with Google Calendars, so we did it. Now you can connect it in your Profile settings, and this will take less than a minute. Available only for Landlords subscribed for Advanced and Premium plans and to all Service Pros.

TenantCloudVacant Units

Now you can see all vacant units in one place.  We've added the separate Units page where you can view all of your units and switch between vacant/occupied. What's even better is that you can move in a tenant or list a unit to your website right from that page.
TenantCloud Properties and Units

TenantCloud New ReleaseEquipment

We’ve improved the equipment section as well, so you can have everything in one place. Now you can view all the maintenance requests related to a specific equipment right on the equipment page. We've added some additional filter criteria so you can find the right equipment faster. Having the same problem with a particular refrigerator - now you can see the equipment and all the maintenance requests in one place.

TenantCloud New ReleaseDocument Template Settings

Agreement and Notice Templates are on the same page now. Why were they separate before at all? So now, when adding a new template just select its type. Do not forget that you can add attachments to any template.

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TenantCloud New ReleaseOnline Payments Report

We know how much you like to view reports that help you to analyse your business, that is the reason we’ve added a new report. The new Online Payments Report displays solely online payments received, based on date along with the deposits or anticipated deposits registered by Stripe, PayPal and Dwolla. You can sort the transactions by property, owner and payment method.

TenantCloud New ReleaseNew ServicePros

To avoid the confusion, we’ve merged all the vendor and professional categories. So now we have only ServicePros which include both Professionals and Providers (were Vendors). Add your plumbers, handymen, lawyers, etc to Professionals and Utility Suppliers and other companies to Providers. Please note, that you can connect with the Professional type of contact only. Providers can not set up the TenantCloud account for now.

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TenantCloud New ReleaseTeam Settings

Those who has added the team members to own TenantCloud account now will be able to assign the team member as a Contact Person for the specific listings.

As usual we have done a ton of other small improvements, bug fixes and behind the scenes improvements. Have some sympathy for man and machine :)

Thanks for being with us during this awesome year! Stay tuned for the coming updates in 2018!