Friends, we are happy to inform you that our team has implemented improvements towards the Service Pro portal. Thanks for supporting our product and sending us your ideas and support. Based on your feedback and our research, here’s what we have added to ServicePro Portal. 

Here’s what’s new:


We have totally redesigned the dashboard and improved the navigation so it’s easier to surf the website. The home page has a new design and relevant content as well so you can see all new and in-progress tasks and a summary of ongoing activity. 

TenantCloud Dashboard


The new app is here! We have optimized our service pro mobile app to help you to manage all your maintenance requests on the go. Review new requests, change status, log hours and materials, and invoice the client. 

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Resolved request pop-up

As many of you have requested, we have changed the flow of completing work on a request. Once you’re done with a job, click resolve. Then you can log the number of working hours, add supplies and materials used, mention returning the keys, and add comments.

TenantCloud Resolved request pop-up

Other Improvements

The Business Profile has been moved to the More section. Connection requests are moved from the Contacts page to the News Feed.

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We really hope you find these updates useful and will continue using TenantCloud to boost your business. We would be happy to hear from you.


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