After the long process of researches and development, today, our team is excited and delighted to announce a brand new version of TenantCloud.

For the first time Tenants and Landlords can communicate and manage their relationship in one place as well organize their information and manage properties.

A renter profile at TenantCloud allows renters to share their profile with landlord so they can see all their references, reviews, places they’ve lived and save all communication history. Universal application profile is something like a Linkedin profile, renter can fill it out once and apply for different apartments multiple times, instead of filling out piles of paperwork for each apartment. It does this by additionally supplying landlord with their own portal, which includes top-tier property management tools. This also allows renters to leave reviews about their landlords when they move-out, great experience for everyone involved!

At the same time landlords can forget about driving to collect rent checks and enjoy a wide range of property management tools such as management of 75 properties, online rent collection and personal marketing website at no cost.

With new system design and all new features, TenantCloud takes a giant step toward making the total collaboration process between landlord and tenant faster and easier than ever. 

TenantCloud all new

In short, the system update can be divided into 3 extremely good pieces of news for all our current and new users:

1) TenantCloud got all-new features

The new TenantCloud provides personal accounts for Tenants and Landlords. This means now you can communicate and manage your rental relationships more efficiently.

For Tenants

New TenantCloud provides a top of the line services for tenants to build rental history, better organize and secure rental information and keep it permanently in one place. This is a cloud-based office for renters which allows users to store all rental agreements, move-in or out pictures, pay and track rent, send maintenance requests, research, find a new place, and so much more. In hopes of being the last rental application you ever have to fill out TenantCloud is a unique tool that helps renters balance the relationship with the landlord.

For Landlords

For Landlords, TenantCloud provides a full package of high-end property management tools like online rent collection, accounting, personal Marketing Website, maintenance staff/work orders management, 75 properties to manage and much more. Landlord account includes all features that landlords and property managers will need in 2015 in order to more effectively market, manage and grow their rental business.

2) TenantCloud is free for everyone.

From now on Tenant Cloud is offering our core services for free. Now you can build your rental history or manage an unlimited amount of properties free of cost.

3)TenantCloud system added new seamless design

This is a brand new fully responsive website that performs equally well on desktops, smartphones and tablets. New design streamlines all processes and will help you get necessary information literally in few clicks.

With powerful tools for both renters and landlords, TenantCloud is definitely the most innovative free service on the market that makes renting process and property management smoother and easier for you.


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