We are so thrilled to show you our latest changes. The day to deliver on one of our top requests has come, and we've taken what we had and performed magic. Our new release was challenging, exciting, and even life-changing for some. So, dear landlords, we've totally redesigned and improved the tenant portal and are happy to unveil the result: our updated app. From now on your tenants will have an easy-to-navigate, seamless app on their phones.

Here’s what we improved:

TenantCloud Property Management SystemAll new TenantCloud experience

The tenant portal just got better. We've totally changed the experience and design of both the dashboard and the app. With many of our tenants using the TenantCloud app, our main focus was to streamline the app, making it more simple and intuitive. It can be downloaded from the Apple store or Google market.

TenantCloud Property Management SystemNavigation

The tenant dashboard is now optimized and shows the most important information. We made the connection process easier, so accepting or canceling new connection requests can be done right from the Feed Notifications page. Also, now your tenants can send connection requests as well. If the landlord has an account, they will receive a feed notification. If not, an email will be sent with an invitation to sign up.
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TenantCloud Property Management System

TenantCloud Property Management SystemPay rent straight from the homepage

Tenants can now check their leases and invoices and have quick access to maintenance and messages all on the same page. The home page also includes the lease balance, recent transactions, and quick buttons to message the landlord or submit maintenance requests. If there are no unpaid invoices, tenants can pay in advance. One click of a button will redirect them to the recurring transactions list. It's that easy.

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TenantCloud Property Management SystemAccounting got simpler

We know how important it is to stay on top of numbers, so we made some helpful changes. The “Balance” section now displays the total amount of all unpaid (open, overdue, partial) invoices from all leases and general invoices.

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TenantCloud Property Management System

TenantCloud Property Management SystemRental Application process

Completing a rental application is now easier. Simple steps will help your applicants complete the rental application in only a few minutes. They can continue to check out and pay the application fee or simply submit the application, depending on your settings.

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TenantCloud Property Management SystemCo-applicants

We've added a great feature. Now your applicants can submit a rental application jointly, and you will see the linked co-applicants and their statuses, if invited by the primary applicant. Run a screening report and move in the group.
TenantCloud Property Management System

By the way, we've also improved the search in our Help center. Now you can find helpful articles and direction faster and see related materials. Check it out and let us know what you think. As always, we've taken care of minor bug fixes, performance, and stability issues. Feel free to add your ideas for future improvements.