Tenants are longing to find a home that's a perfect fit for them. A home where they may feel safe and secure while still making use of the community and its amenities. Tenants, like landlords, want to discover a rental property that meets their specific requirements and fulfills all of their must-have needs.

Every responsible landlord needs to complete all essential repairs before listing the apartment. A property's need for painting, carpeting, or cleaning may turn off a good prospective tenant. Tenants' first image of the home will surely stick with them, and the landlord swiftly loses their interest.

Furthermore, if the property is in bad shape when the tenant moves in, most likely, they will handle the property in the same manner. A move-in-ready rental apartment establishes the expectation that the tenant would maintain a high level of cleanliness and maintenance.  It is necessary to create an Inspection Checklist Addendum and fill it correctly to avoid possible problems and unwanted negotiations.

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What Is Necessary for Outside?

Although it's essential to invest in specific factors within the apartment, tenants are also looking for outside space. 

  • Outdoor amenities

Tenants value locations where they can get some fresh air and vitamin D, such as a small patio, balcony, rooftop garden, or fenced yard. An outdoor swimming pool, a place for sports activities, outdoor furniture, or a bbq grill might help tenants picture themselves at a rental house. To further improve these spaces and boost the appeal of a rental property, we recommend adding some bushes, decorative flowers, and other landscaping.

  • Parking space

For tenants, consistent and reliable parking is essential. Driveways and garages are preferable, but the standard parking size slot is also ok. If parking is available, make sure to clarify particular conditions in the lease and safeguard your tenants from illegal parking.

  • Safety

Location and safety go hand in hand. For exceptional tenants, a safe atmosphere could be a significant motivator. Tenants could lose sleep over potential robbery concerns.

Before buying a new home in a new region, research on crime rates is essential. Add an alarm system or another security element to a rental apartment for a cost-effective approach to make tenants feel more safe and secure regardless of any area.

What Is Necessary Indoors?

  • Indoor amenities

Tenants would not want the added pressure to buy big, expensive pieces of equipment that they may or may not need in the future or be responsible for if they break. New appliances are particularly appealing to tenants since they reduce the possibility of devices breaking down unexpectedly and requiring coordinating repairs. Many tenants are ready to pay a higher rent if the property has an in-unit washing and dryer.

  • Enough space for storage and walk-in closets

Potential tenants will be impressed if a rental home offers walk-in closets and built-in storage space such as spacious kitchen cabinets and pantries. Tenants prefer plenty of storage space, closets, or other furniture. Extra storage space is always appreciated.

  • Tidy and clean apartments

A messy apartment will not appeal to anyone, so keeping it clean and clutter-free is essential if a landlord would like to rent it out. Clean windows and mirrors, tidy kitchen and appliances, fresh mattresses, and so on, would make a big difference.

What Do We Recommend for Landlords?

Here are 3 things we recommend considering landlords to fill their empty rental properties.

1. Quick maintenance

Tenants prefer to stay in a property where maintenance concerns are immediately resolved. They choose to live in a well-kept neighborhood clear of waste, dirt, and run-down facilities. When maintaining a rental property, responding to maintenance requests as soon as possible is critical for good business. 

Landlords can resolve some maintenance issues, but some tasks need to be delegated to service professionals. For those landlords who manage multiple properties, cooperation with service professionals is a must.

2. Pet-friendly rentals

Many tenants have pets, and because they consider their furry friends family, they'll search for pet-friendly apartments while looking for a new place. Pet rent can be an additional source of monthly revenue if a landlord charges a pet deposit to cover the damage. The laws regarding pet rent, pet fees for rental, and pet deposits differ by state, so make sure to check them. Learn more about the pros and cons of being a pet-friendly landlord.

3. Online lease agreement

 A well-written rental property lease agreement may help to serve as a vehicle for communication between landlords and tenants. Both parties can utilize rental property lease agreements as a reference if there is a conflict. A good lease will keep issues from emerging in the first place. To make this process easier and faster, landlords can use online lease agreements, which are customizable. The document may be prepared in minutes and emailed to the tenant with a single mouse click.

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Make your rental property feel like home to your tenants