Once again, we have several exciting updates ahead to improve your TenantCloud experience!

Our goal is to provide you with a simpler, more enjoyable way to manage properties. With that, we are constantly improving and perfecting our platform so that it provides everything you need to get the job done. Now, on to the good stuff. 

Smooth sailing from here on out. The Navigation panel, Header & Dashboard are now more intuitive and user-friendly, complete with new categories so you can easily find what you’re looking for. 

Here’s a detailed overview of all the exciting new changes on the way:

1. Header Improvements

  • The Calendar has been relocated from the header to the side panel and is now grouped with the Tasks feature for easy access. Previously, Tasks were only available on the dashboard, and it was difficult to switch between these two features. Now, the calendar and tasks are always accessible from the navigation panel.

  • Downloads have been relocated from the header to the side panel where all your exported and downloaded information now lives.

  • The Resource Center is a new tool where you can submit help tickets, watch product tours, visit the help center, and get access to webinars and other educational content.

  • The Gear icon for settings has been moved to the Avatar section. Plus, specific feature lists are now redirected directly to the settings page, providing a convenient way to make changes to feature lists. (Redirects are available on the Feed, Maintenance, and Leasing pages).

2. Navigation Improvements

  • Create New+  button has been added to the navigation, allowing you to quickly add your most frequently created items (by user). Previously, new items could only be added from the dashboard. Now, it is easily accessible at all times.

  • The Properties page has been renamed to Portfolio. The Leasing page also received an improvement by merging the Listings and Applications sub-pages, providing all your rental management tools in one place.

  • A new Document page has been added to the navigation panel, consolidating all information about File Manager, Templates, and Forms that were previously located in the Settings menu.

3. Dashboard Improvements

  • Dashboard layout

We changed the layout of the Dashboard widgets and added more statistics, details, and tips. The Dashboard has a new default view combining previous side panel widgets with other, more informative widgets. Customize which widgets to display by clicking the “Customize” button:

We also moved the quick buttons from the header to the left-hand navigation panel, making it easy for you to take action with the Create New button.

  • Newly available widgets

To help you set up your account, a new Account setup widget was added. There, you can see the progress of the account and finish the basic steps to get started on TenantCloud. 

We also added two new widgets: Recently viewed and Lease funnel. The Recently viewed widget shows the most recently accessed properties & units (up to 10) within the platform. The Lease funnel widget helps you manage and track all your leases in one place. You can also view the statistics of active, pending, and ended leases that may need additional actions. 

  • Changed & improved widgets

Keep track of income, expenses, credits, and deposits in the following widgets: Rent, Accounting, and Deposits held. Set up online payments, collect payments, and track them with the Online Payments widget. 

Plus, the Overdue Invoices widget makes it so you never miss an unpaid invoice, showing the number of days the invoice has been overdue.

Create new tasks, set task alerts, mark tasks as done, and view the list of upcoming tasks on the Tasks widget. 

The Maintenance widget helps you track and manage maintenance requests by displaying “New,” “In progress,” and “In review.” You can also search for available Service Pros and assign maintenance tasks. 

The Expiring Leases widget shows which leases are expiring soon. There, you can renew a lease if you’d like it to continue. 

Last but not least is the Applications widget. Keep track of potential tenants and their submitted applications. Order a screening report or check the status of a current one.

Well, that’s it for now. Keep an eye out for future updates, and we hope these new features make your day-to-day tasks even more organized and streamlined.