Recent data shows that more than 40% of tenants aren't satisfied with their rental maintenance and 58% of tenants use toxic chemicals to clean a clogged drain. Take a look at other data related to common maintenance requests.  

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To improve the rental maintenance, consider these 4 actionable tips that will definitely help:

Document everything.

Once you've received a maintenance request from your tenant, document it somewhere. Store all the information about every maintenance request in one place. TenantCloud maintenance management can help you with that. With TenantCloud, your tenants can share the issue with you and attach pictures, videos, and other necessary descriptions to provide you with an overview of the issue. Tenants can also see the status of a request and communicate with you within the system. Another great option is to manage invoices related to maintenance requests. This helps to keep track of all income and expenses regarding home repairs. 

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Don't procrastinate.

The more you procrastinate home repairs today, the more tasks you leave for tomorrow. As a result, you've got an endless list of issues to resolve. Evaluate the urgency of each request and identify its priority. But keep in mind that even low priority maintenance requests need to be resolved sooner or later. Guess it's better sooner. Keeping rentals in good condition, as well as fixing any damages instantly, is what every tenant expects from their landlord. 

Hire a service professional.

You can fix the issue yourself or share it with your connected service professional. To do that, a service professional must sign up for a TenantCloud account and receive a connection request from you. Then they'll be notified instantly when you notify them there's something that needs to be repaired on a property. 

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Perform regular inspections. 

Regular inspections should be done at the beginning and end of every tenancy. The inspections must be written down in the lease agreement with 24- or 48-hour notice sent to the tenant. When doing regular repairs on rentals, you decrease the number of unhappy long-term renters.

What do you do to resolve maintenance issues like a pro? Do you find any of the tips above helpful?

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