Hello everyone! Have you already been on vacation? We just received another #ThisIsHowITC story from Lana who found use with TenantCloud while enjoying some much needed rest. Such a great feeling to know you still help your tenants from anywhere anytime! Hope you will enjoy and please keep sharing your stories!TenantCloud Property Management Software

TenantCloud Team:

Thank you for finally making a rental product that does everything. I have three different duplexes across town and used to get so frantic and upset every time I saw my phone ring, because I knew it was one of them. I run a landscaping business in Portland (focused on organic composting) and I eventually had to get a second phone just for the rentals. I would then just leave it at home while I was at work just so I could focus on work. I used to joke that my tenants are renting me, but it felt real many times. Anytime I tried to leave town something would come up and plans would have to change. I became so paranoid about something happening with the rentals that I stopped planning anything out of town.  

I found out about you through a tenant that wanted to share their TenantCloud profile with me and I started learning more.  I was already paying for a separate phone and who knows how much of my time. I love it! I started using it 6 months ago and now require all my tenants to use it for all maintenance requests and messaging. Everything is now kept in one place.

After about a month I realized I didn’t need the second phone and I was getting fewer messages.  With the automatic rent collection and video for maintenance request it was simple to address almost any issue.  Giving tenants their own account is a true lifesaver.  It took a couple of months, but I finally felt I could go on a much needed vacation and I did.

It was so nice and relaxing.  I could manage everything while in a complete different part of the world. I even moved in a tenant roommate and it took no time at all and neither the tenant nor the roommate knew I was hanging out in the pool. I added her email and went back to the scenery. She filled out the application and I got a notification when she was done - I clicked “Move in tenant” and I was done.  Thank you TenantCloud for a much needed vacation. 
TenantCloud Property Management Software

With TenantCloud it's not a problem to move in a Tenant even if you are on vacation. So Lana creates a lease and gets a new tenant even on vacation.


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