Dear friends, today I share with you our latest #ThisIsHowITC story and this one is especially great because it is about my own landlord ;)
Landlord Success Stories

My landlord’s name is Ann. Ann has been a Landlord for about 10 years with 5 rentals. I started renting from her about a year ago and like any TenantCloud advocate I shared with her the benefits of paying rent online through TenantCloud. Ann lives outside the town and often travels, which makes collecting rent a burden. Collecting rent online was perfect for her and I love it as well.

Over the last year we have become rather close. We connect and talk about all the features in TenantCloud and she shares her insight. I love being part of something that helps people and makes their life easier. It was also great to have real landlords just like Ann helping us make TenantCloud better.

Another one of Ann’s favorite features is her personal website to list her properties and receive applications. I found out later she actually tried to have one designed for her, but it was so expensive she didn’t do it. But With TenantCloud Ann got a free website that she can update even while she’s gardening. That’s why I wanted to capture Ann gardening as that is exactly what she was doing when she told how much she have loved the site and it is free.  

Being a landlord in the modern age became easy instead of a burden, which has helped her to be a happy landlord with a happy tenant, me. I love TenantCloud because I know it helps people like Ann save time. I read many feedbacks from happy users everyday and everyone is a pleasure to read. It is a company ritual to take the latest kind words from users and pass them around to each other as it keeps us motivated to keep building something worthwhile.
Landlord Success Stories

Our TenantCloud Team hopes this experience will inspire you all to do your favourite things and be happy landlord without worries :)


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