First of all, thanks to everyone who shared their story. We found them truly inspiring and motivating. Every experience is so unique, but at the same time we are all connected by caring vibes of TenantCloud:) Today we are glad to share a story from a tenant in New London, Connecticut. Martha (and Lola), thanks for sharing your story and letting us make the next #ThisIsHowITC video.
landlord allowing pets

I wanted to share how much I like your app.  I am excited to see where it will grow and love hearing about all the new features.  I was first introduced to the app via my last landlord before moving to New England.  I used it to pay rent and send a couple of fix it items.  It was when I needed to move that I looked into the full function of the app.

Lola (my dog, child, companion and closest friend) is not like any normal puppy.  She is very clean and friendly.  Many rentals do not allow any dogs of any sort.  When I was looking on TenantCloud for rentals and saw that Lola has an entire section for her profile we were so excited.  We were able to add many details that helped us find the best cottage home, which is so close to the ocean.  Our new landlord (Maria) is so nice and was able to see everything about Lola and I and even commented on Lola’s profile picture.  

It was also nice to already have all my rental history information stored, so applying to a new rental was very easy because I didn’t have to fill out anything.  Having a rental history for Lola though, is so amazing because now past landlords help confirm what a great tenant she is.  Thanks TenantCloud for thinking of me and Lola.landlord allowing petslandlord allowing pets

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