Even though there are dozens of platforms for service pros to find a job based on the qualification and location, not all of them are credible enough. Some tools require high service fees while others might cover a limited amount of areas. But the most valuable parameters are affordability and an intuitive interface that would let you focus on the work order itself instead of trying to figure out the complicated system flows. 

For that reason, TenantCloud has implemented an easy-to-use bidding functionality for service professionals. It allows you to make bids on maintenance requests and get selected for the job, showcase your portfolio and get paid online. 

The Starter plan costs only $45/mo and gives you access to the unlimited number of bids. It takes just a few steps to get the ball rolling and start finding jobs.

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5 steps to start getting hired through TenantCloud: 

1. Register at TenantCloud:

Create a Service Pro account and fill out the information regarding your services. You’ll be able to present your services on your personal marketing website.

2. Set up a Business Profile:

Describe your services and customize your profile to make it clearer for your target customers.  You can select the most applicable service categories and include a precise description on what you specialize in. 

3. Verify your account.

Complete the verification process and pass a Background check to ensure the safety of all parties. 

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If you have a contractor's license, you’ll need to provide the required information. 


The bidding functionality for service professionals allows you to make bids on maintenance requests and get selected for the job, showcase your portfolio and get paid online.


4. Activate the “Find a Job” option.

You’ll be able to see all the matched maintenance requests when all the above-mentioned conditions are met. 

Note! You can use one with no cost on the free plan. In order to get more bids, you’ll need to subscribe to the Starter plan.

5. Increase the chances to get more projects. 

Increase credibility as a service professional by showing reviews on the completed work orders. Any feedback helps landlords to faster make the decision on whether you’d fit the regular job or a one-time project. By receiving valuable feedback from your clients, you can  improve your skills and get the opportunity to find jobs whenever you need. 

In addition to that, you might extend range by adding more zip codes. You are allowed to add up to 5 zip codes. 

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The following links will answer all the questions that might arise while navigating TenantCloud Service Pro portal: 

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