Does any online tool always make a landlord’s job easier? Not always. If you’re using multiple apps or software programs, you’ll need to remember everything – where, what, how, and so on… often creating confusion. However, the good news is there’s one great solution -  an all-in-one system that allows you to do everything you need in one place. 

TenantCloud makes it easy for you.


TenantCloud simplifies administrative, marketing, and other business operations for those who manage multiple rental properties. It allows users to post property listings, sign lease agreements online, advertise rentals, receive and resolve maintenance requests from tenants, among many other features.


Why Do You Need to Use Property Management Software? 

Property management software assists landlords with not only maintaining customer relationships but also streamlining business processes to lease properties more quickly. TenantCloud offers a dynamic solution that provides landlords with all of the tools they need to establish, manage, interact, and scale up their business.

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5 Advantages of Using TenantCloud


1. Collect rent with the help of online payments

Property management software allows landlords to get paid more quickly with the help of online rental payments tools. Tenants can pay rent immediately from their phones using the TenantCloud app. Keeping records online makes it easier to keep track of payments from each tenant, as well as create financial reports automatically. 

What other features does TenantCloud offer?

  •  Late fees

Set up a grace period and late fees to ensure that your tenants are motivated to pay their rent on time. You can choose between a one-time late fee, daily late fees, or both. Our software will automatically generate late fee invoices.

  • Automatic Payments

A tenant can use Auto Pay to set up a recurring monthly payment that will be deducted from their bank accounts on the due date. It guarantees that payments will be made on schedule. There will be no more late rent payments!

  • Payment options

Allow your tenants to pay a portion of their rent before the due date, change the conditions for late fee payments, and tailor payment allowances for each tenant.

2. Screen potential tenants to ensure that you are renting to the right people

It’s a dream come true to find and lease to high-quality, responsible tenants with clean rental histories, financial resources, communication skills and good payment habits. Using online tools to screen candidates makes the process more efficient and productive.

With the help of a tenant screening report, landlords can determine whether a person is a good fit for their rental property. The more information you have, the safer your rental home and business will be.

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3. Communicate, plan, and schedule maintenance requests

It’s never the right time for problems to arise in apartments. In the case of a maintenance issue, you have the option of repairing the problem yourself or delegating it to professionals. 

TenantCloud allows you to keep a record of all maintenance requests from your tenants. With the help of maintenance management functionality, you and your tenants have a chance to communicate and assign work directly to service pros through the software. Resolving maintenance requests from tenants is simple and quick. 

4. Advertise your rental property

Many people underestimate the value of advertising an investment property, or do not know how to do it correctly. Advertising your rental property will help landlords find tenants quickly and easily.

Every TenantCloud landlord has an option to create a free marketing website.

A marketing website is a great way to advertise vacancies and showcase your properties to potential tenants. More effective advertising equals more qualified tenants who could be interested in your property.

5. Receive only relevant data for your rental with reports

As a landlord, you should have big-picture analytics available whenever you need them. Running community analytics through property management software will allow you to check on every aspect of your business. TenantCloud will automatically calculate your gross income, operating expenses, non-operating expenses, net income, and the prior month’s income. Keep track of your finances with accounting. Customize your dashboard and track all of the information you need to scale your business.

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With the help of TenantCloud, everything about property management is easy and in the right place. Our solutions are sophisticated enough to satisfy most requirements while being user-friendly. Tenant trust is just a click away: Try TenantCloud's free trial today, and see how your life as a landlord changes for the better.