When moving in tenants, some landlords don’t know what the right initial steps are. To help you with that, we’ve prepared an article providing step-by-step instructions and covering the procedure for a tenant onboarding. 

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For TenantCloud users, there is an extra feature to take into consideration. When creating a lease agreement through TenantCloud, you have two options available: Easy and Advanced move in

The easy move in process is a faster way to create a basic lease agreement. For more complicated tenancies, the advanced move in process is the way to go since it has additional sections like dependents, other lease transactions, utilities, management fees and private attachments. It offers a wider range of options so you can make sure to have all the aspects of the move in procedure covered.   

The more details you include in a lease, the fewer questions will arise during the tenancy. You can always add attachments and other information to the agreement. Plus, your tenants will have access to the document whenever they need. 

Note that edit and renew modes use the advanced move in flow. If you need to add private attachments, choose the advanced move in scenario. 

Create House Rental Lease Agreement

More tips and information about the TenantCloud Move in process can be found here

Building a lease agreement document 

When selecting a move in scenario, choose between two options: either build the lease agreement with available templates/add your own template or attach an already signed agreement. 

Most landlords choose the former option since it provides the perfect opportunity to customize the lease and make it more relevant to specific tenants and housing laws related to a particular state.

Creation Of House Rental Lease Agreement

Sending a lease agreement to sign

Using TenantCloud, you can sign the document and require E-sign from your tenant during the lease creation process. This is one of the most convenient and paperless ways to let your renters review the document and sign it using their phone or any other device. After that, they can get a pdf copy of the agreement in the Attachments section or in the File Manager of their account. 

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Signing Of House Rental Lease Agreement

What type of Move in procedure do you prefer? Do you use E-signature for all your lease documents?


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