The world has turned upside down in the last few weeks. Most of us are self-isolating at home to limit the spread of COVID-19, but that doesn’t mean you need to spend all your free time overthinking. Instead, you can try to be productive- being busy can be one of the most effective ways to overcome anxiety and stay sane. 

Hopefully, we’ll get through all of this very soon. Meanwhile, you can always re-organize your wardrobe, declutter your home, or do some deep cleaning - so many things are now on your daily to-do list. 

But if you’d like to do nothing all day long - that’s also fine. Don’t blame yourself for taking it easy right now.

Quarantine mode is on

During these tough times, maintaining a positive mindset is a must. But it’s also important to follow the general recommendations for the prevention of COVID-19, including washing hands, practicing social distancing, and staying in touch with your doctor if you’re feeling unwell.



“Self-isolation might slow the rate of infections, allowing hospitals to treat those requiring attention without getting overburdened.”

Life-work balance 

Employment flexibility isn’t a new term, but now it’s globally important that those who can work from home take advantage of that opportunity. If it’s possible to coordinate schedules, set up online meetings, and communicate via Slack, for instance, employees are likely to be as productive as they were in the office. 

Yes, it’s freelancers’ time to shine, but unfortunately not everybody is able to work remotely.

“Only one in four US workers have a job that allows them to work from home.”

Most U.S. landlords and property owners belong to the category of people who can easily telecommute. Thanks to digital property management tools, you can accept rent payments, communicate with the tenants and even conduct online rental inspections through the system. 

Sidenote for landlords: It’s up to you whether to waive this month’s rent or not, but keep in mind that it’s not the best time to charge late fees or prepare eviction notices. Such activities are most likely banned or postponed in your area. 

Here you can find extra information on eviction and foreclosure moratorium, mortgage relief, and rental assistance programs. 

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But what about those who never worked from home before? Will it be sort of a challenge for them? 

It might be difficult at first, but companies are finding ways to transform their businesses into a more digital model with their employees work remotely. It’s not a matter of choice anymore. That’s the reality everyone should adjust to. 

Among all the challenges of telecommuting, the most difficult one is maintaining a healthy life-work balance. The best tip for telecommuters is to stick to work hours as if you were in your office.

Working from home


“Working from home right now, but the list of stuff to do apart from work doesn't shrink at all. I started by cleaning out the closet and the oven and rearranging everything in sight. Striking a balance isn't easy, even though it seems there's more time.”

Mia, a project manager

Minimalism is everything 

Organizing your space and downsizing your personal belongings is a great way to clear your mind during stressful times. This is not just about getting rid of unwanted stuff - decluttering helps to improve your inner balance and impact your wellbeing. 

Marie Kondo’s “Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” might become your perfect guide. Marie Kondo is a Japanese cleaning consultant who provides actionable tips on how to tidy your house by category, organize your wardrobe, and fold clothing items.

The question of what you want


"The question of what you want to own is actually the question of how you want to live your life."

You don't need all the stuff you own

Decluttering your own home is the key to getting closer to a minimalist lifestyle. Streamline the design elements of your space. Find simple tasks, like ripping out ornate molding or removing dated shutters, that can instantly make your home feel more timeless.

Live with less 

Life isn't about having things that collect dust. But there are still things you won't be able to wave goodbye to. So, consider organizing hidden storage in the house to avoid extra clutter. A great space-saving solution would be under-bed storage or a bed frame with drawers to stow all the necessary items like blankets, towels, etc. This kind of design approach will make your home look more spacious and minimalistic. 

Create a Pinterest board of nice and affordable design projects you can implement during quarantine to help you focus on things beyond the news.

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TenantCloud Twitter Poll
Source: TenantCloud Twitter Poll


While you are staying at home, you're saving the world. But what else are you busy with during quarantine, besides your superhero stuff:

sharing recipes on IG - 7.3%

working full time anyway - 22.5%

decluttering my home - 25.8%

eat, pray, Netflix - 44.4%

Maintain your mental well-being

Being productive during quarantine can also help your mental state. If you are into sewing, for example, you can also make yourself productive by turning your old clothes into trendy new outfits. First, you'll need sewing essentials to do the magic. Once you already have all the tools and equipment, you can start to repurpose your old wardrobe to a new fashionable one. That's an easy and eco-friendly solution. 

Saving the world has never been easier. To help flatten the curve on coronavirus, you just need to stay inside.

And don’t stress out - this too shall pass!


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