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Welcome Letter

A welcome letter helps both landlord and tenant get off to a good start and serves as the cornerstone for a successful long-term partnership.

The welcome letter can either be a physical letter or an email that a landlord sends to a new tenant before he/she moves in, providing instructions and helpful information to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Welcome Letter
Give a long-lasting positive impression on tenants.
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What you need to know

Why do you need to write a welcome letter?

The welcome letter addresses several essential topics, such as internet options, utility information, trash pick-up days, or even the best local coffee shop. Being proactive in welcoming new tenants shows them that you take your rental property company seriously and that you appreciate and respect their tenancy. Try to anticipate tenants' immediate needs and questions when writing a welcome letter and answer them before the new tenant has to ask.

What should be written in a welcome letter?

A welcome letter welcomes tenants and can also serve as a gentle reminder about the property’s rules and regulations. We recommend including the following in the letter:

  • How to set up and manage utilities;

  • A reminder about the importance of having property insurance (whether or not you require it);

  • Accessing the keys;

  • How to pay rent and utilities;

  • How to report a maintenance problem;

  • Where/how is trash thrown away ad collected;

  • Information about parking and towing;

  • Neighborhood guidance;

  • Information about the property;

  • Contact information.

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