Am I Responsible for the Safety of My Tenants?

There are a lot of things that you must remember to do when managing a rental. As a landlord, you are often responsible for far more than you may think when it comes to your resident's safety and well-being. In today's podcast, we'll cover the often misunderstood topic of whether or not you are responsible for the safety of your tenants, and if so, how.
September 08, 2020 0057

This Is Why Your Tenants Are Leaving and How You Can Stop It

We've touched on this subject a few times but in today's podcast, we are going to focus on some actionable items that you can do today to increase your rental income and help ensure that your tenants stick around.
August 25, 2020 0056

How to Update Your Rental Property on a Budget

There’s a myth that it would cost hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars for a landlord to upgrade their rental properties. But the truth is, not all high-quality rental renovations are that expensive. Most DIY home renovation projects can be done with minimum financial resources. In today's podcast, we'll cover a few ways that you can increase the overall appeal of your rental through simple, budget-friendly upgrades that won't break your bank.
August 21, 2020 0055

Tenants Are Demanding Landlords Provide This Payment Method

In today's podcast, we'll discuss the payment method that tenants are demanding that landlords provide, and how you could be losing potential tenants by not offering it.
August 11, 2020 0054

How to Deal with a Tenant Who Was Approved with a Stolen Identity

In today's podcast, we'll explore a serious issue with a tenant living in your rental that has never applied to live at your property, or was approved using someone else's identity. It is an issue that landlords encounter much more often than you may think, and one day, you may have to deal with it yourself. I'll discuss a few of the scenarios which may play out, including ones that I have personally had to deal with.
July 28, 2020 0052