Meet Jenniffer M., the powerhouse behind Versatile Real Estate Company, based in Waco, Texas. With over 100+ rentals, Jenniffer’s property management company was running smoothly but needed a better solution for portfolio maintenance. 

“One of our biggest challenges was organization. We maintained separate spreadsheets for various aspects such as rent amounts, late payments, maintenance requests, property reports, and other emerging issues.”

Though resourceful, this fragmented approach limited the company’s abilities and made it difficult to maintain an efficient workflow. In late 2019, Versatile Real Estate Company decided to give TenantCloud software a try. 

Transitioning to TenantCloud

Setting up in TenantCloud initially presented its own set of challenges for Jenniffer, as is often the case with new software. But she was happy to report that TenantCloud’s user-friendly interface made the process much easier than she anticipated. 

“Implementing TenantCloud in our business proved to be extremely useful. By March 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we had successfully transitioned all our tenants to make payments through TenantCloud.”

Utilizing TenantCloud’s Features

Versatile Real Estate Company began to rely on several TenantCloud features, including generating reports, messaging tenants, and monitoring transactions to identify delinquent accounts. Jenniffer feels that these features have largely improved their efficiency and have been extremely beneficial. 

She also noticed an immediate impact with these TenantCloud tools:

  • Owner Reports: Previously, sending owner reports would take several days and need to be entirely manual. Now, with just a click of a button, the report is generated using the inputted information, making the process much more efficient.
  • Tenant Communication: The company could now send messages directly through the platform where tenants received notifications via TenantCloud and email. This created a reliable paper trail, preventing any misunderstandings that often occur with phone calls and voicemail.
  • Team Functionality: As the team at Versatile Real Estate Company continued to grow, TenantCloud made the transition smoother by providing a unified platform for all their needs. This centralization has helped team members quickly adapt and manage their operations more efficiently.

From Organized Chaos to All-in-One Solutions

By implementing TenantCloud, Versatile Real Estate Company now has the ability to screen tenants, market vacancies, manage properties, collect rent, and handle maintenance—all within a single platform. 

Additionally, feedback from individual team members has been overwhelmingly positive, Jenniffer reports, noting that everyone has greatly appreciated the platform’s user-friendliness and seamless collaboration tools. 

Looking to the Future

Versatile Real Estate Company plans to continue leveraging TenantCloud for their essential needs, further streamlining their property management:

“Moving forward, we aim to explore more advanced functionalities within TenantCloud to optimize our workflow, improve communication with tenants and owners, and ultimately, deliver exceptional service.”


The success of Versatile Real Estate Company shines brightly. With TenantCloud on their side, they can now manage properties with greater ease. (And fewer spreadsheets.)

“My experience with TenantCloud has been exceptional. The platform's user-friendly interface and comprehensive features have simplified property management tasks significantly, from tenant screening to rent collection and maintenance. It has truly streamlined our operations and enhanced our efficiency.”

Great job, Jenniffer and company! We love to hear your success.