Dealing with roommate-renters might not be that easy. When it comes to joint lease agreements or separate rent payments, you’ll probably get confused and start searching for a property management software if you’re not already using one. In addition, tenants who share an apartment have specific obligations regarding rent payments and lease agreements terms. But sometimes they can’t get along with each other, and that causes trouble for the landlord and can eventually put rental income at risk. To avoid this, share with your roommate-renters the list of common roommate types to help them better understand each other and enhance their roommate experience.

Tips for Landlords and Property Managers

Put yourself in your tenant’s shoes or think back to your college days. Which type is/was your roommate?

Non-existent roommate

This is probably the best roommate you’ve ever had, because at any given moment they’re either traveling or sleeping. You’re unlikely to run into them when going to the bathroom at 7 a.m. or making tea at 7 p.m. They work for an international company and are gone on business trips most of the time. Therefore, you’ve got plenty of decorative magnets on the fridge and postcards from all over the world. When at home, they’re usually resting from their constant travel and are too tired to argue with you over who’s going to do the dishes or take out the garbage. A perfect roommate for introverts—no kidding.

Party animal

With this roommate, life will always feel like summer, but only if you enjoy loud partying and interacting with a bunch of people. If not, get ready to set up rules on your cohabitation. You’re likely to wonder where they get so much energy and money to hang out as well as pay rent. And you’ll never find out, since they’re the most mysterious roommate out there.

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“Monica Geller” type

For those who have never watched the TV show “Friends,” Monica Geller is the type of person who is obsessed with cleaning and is a terrific note-writer. The Monica roommate is always cleaning/washing/brushing something and putting sticky notes on furniture. You’d better not leave your cup unwashed, since once “Monica” notices it, you’ll regret the moment you decided to buy that cup. To have this roommate can be challenging. You can either meet their living standards or search for a different roommate with lower requirements and fewer self-invented carpet cleaning methods. However, such roommates have excellent cooking skills and love hosting dinner parties with delicious food and beverages. Appreciate that.

The noisy one

The difference between a party animal and a noisy roommate is that you’ll never see the latter dancing on the kitchen table at midnight. The noisy roommates just need an attentive listener to communicate with 24/7. They like discussing the latest topics on politics and business with as much passion as though they’re giving a motivational speech in front of a large audience. Their music is the loudest in the building, and that may disturb the neighbors. But if that isn’t an issue for you, buy the best speakers and enjoy the volume.

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The drama queen

We all know someone who overreacts and complains about every minor issue. Whether it’s a failed relationship or an unsuccessful job interview, the drama queen will describe each situation as if it’s the end of the world. Their excessive emotions and attention-grabbing traits are often rather difficult to deal with. If a drama queen isn’t engaged in performing arts, you’ll become a theater-goer without leaving your apartment. Quite convenient, but make sure you’re ready to listen to constant gossip and become a support center for a while.

The creepy one

You might have heard horror stories about creepy roommates and how strange they can be.  In fact, this type of roommate isn’t that terrible, but you’ll probably never understand them. They collect weird things and dress bizarrely. Such roommates might suffer from homesickness or participate in unusual gatherings. You’ll get along best if you aren’t too biased and try to accept their way of life.

How do your roommate-renters get along with each other? Did you have a college roommate? Leave a comment below. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic.:)

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