Every second counts when you're a real estate investor, and your company's success or failure may hinge on whether you prioritize the right or wrong tasks. Understanding where to put your time and money is essential to the success of any business plan.

That's why it's so important to delegate as much as possible, so you have more time for the things that matter. Let's dive right into one of the most time-consuming but essential tools — digital marketing.

Suppose you're prepared to delegate mundane tasks so you can focus on expanding your business. In that case, our short but comprehensive guide will show you how to use digital marketing automation in a few easy steps to increase your property sales.

Why should I automate my digital marketing campaigns? 

Automating your digital marketing campaigns helps you show up consistently, save time, and generate leads while focusing on other key areas of your business.

As a landlord, automating your digital marketing campaigns can help you reach a larger pool of potential tenants more efficiently and effectively — a recipe for success in this digital age.

Benefits of automation for landlords:

  • More efficient property management: You can save time and effort in managing your properties by automating tasks like posting listings, sending out reminders, and scheduling viewings.
  • Improved targeting: Automation tools can help you target groups of people most likely to be interested in your properties, such as students or families.
  • Greater consistency: Automation can help you keep your marketing efforts consistent and well-timed, which can help build trust and credibility with potential tenants.
  • Enhanced data analysis: Automation tools can help you track the performance of your marketing campaigns and analyze the data to identify what's working and what's not.

You can reach more prospective tenants, streamline property management tasks, and make more informed marketing decisions when you automate your digital marketing campaigns.

How to prepare for digital marketing automation

Now that we know why marketing automation is necessary for today's market, let's look at the three steps you need to take to prepare for digital marketing automation.

Outline your sales goals and expectations. 

You can’t boost sales with marketing automation if you don’t know your goal. Start by outlining specific sales goals and expectations.

The next step is to consider how you can best serve your audience and address their concerns while meeting their expectations. When writing calls to action (CTAs), use "FOMO" (fear of missing out) language. Create CTAs for your content and campaigns based on the responses you receive.

Examples of CTAs: 

  • Refer a friend to our apartment complex. Successfully refer a new tenant for $400 off your monthly rent. Enter your phone number below to receive a confirmation link.
  • Say goodbye to paper checks. the promo code ACH20 to save 20% on your first year of TenantCloud.

Take this tip a step further by creating custom images to accompany your CTAs.

Choose your data and automation tools.

You’ll need reliable tools to help you easily manage data and automation campaigns, and we don’t mean Google tools. For instance, consider using a headless CMS to personalize your messaging with robust data.  

Consider using post-processing software to edit your photos and graphics to keep your campaign images consistent across the board. It’s also important to consider any hurdles that could pop up during campaigns, such as firewalls that could skew marketing analytics. In this case, check with your web application firewall service to learn about prevention methods and solutions.

Finally, don’t forget about automation tools,cloud-based software, like TenantCloud, and integrations. Here are some of the top real estate automation tools in the industry.

Batch out your content. 

You will need a large pool of exciting content to draw from to set up successful automated marketing campaigns. Your content should be tailored to your ideal customer's specific wants and needs.

For example, suppose you're a property manager, and most of your target prospects have pets. In that case, you should consider creating content assets covering standard pet policies and fees.

Starting with your prospects' most frequently asked questions and pain points, as well as your own objectives, develop content themes and topics.

Here are some ideas to help inspire your next content batch:

  • New listings
  • Tips for renters
  • Tips for sellers
  • Tips for buyers
  • Open houses 
  • Staging and interior design tips
  • Pet policies and fees
  • New builds
  • Custom builds
  • Rent to own
  • Renting vs. buying

Four Digital Marketing Automation Strategies to Boost Sales

 If you want to increase sales, try some of these leading digital marketing automation strategies. When organizing your campaigns, don't forget to include the calls to action you've developed.

1. Automated email campaigns 

Create automated welcome campaigns for new subscribers to your email list. Following the conclusion of the welcome series, automatically add them to segmented, automated campaigns that highlight listings, discounts, check-ins, and property tour opportunities.

2. Automated social media campaigns

Add new listings and content to segmented, automated social media campaigns. Use engagement stickers in Instagram Stories, use automated (and popular) video ad campaigns, and show up consistently by scheduling your posts a month in advance.

Create content around a new property or open house when it becomes available and add it to your automated campaign plan. Remember to leave a bit of room for impromptu posts or listings as needed.

3. Automated ads with built-in funnel systems 

While we're on the topic of advertisements, it's a good idea to use automated ad series campaigns to promote new locations, sales, and upcoming events.

Create funnel systems before setting up your ads so you can automate the processes of collecting valuable lead information and guiding prospects through the buyer’s journey.

4. Autoresponders on LinkedIn, messengers, and email

Set up autoresponders on LinkedIn, messaging apps, and email, and you'll never forget to respond to a prospect again.

To get the most out of this tip:

  1. Ensure your autoresponder software displays messages as "unread" until you respond.
  2. Aim to respond to all messages within 48 business hours personally.
  3. Hire a virtual assistant to respond to messages on your behalf to automate this process further.

Increase the effectiveness of this tip by providing prospects with something to do while they wait for an official response from you. Include a link to your current listings, blog, FAQ page, or about page, for example.

Never set up generic autoresponders; always use personalized and conversational language in your automated replies to help prospects feel valued and eager to hear from you. 

Get to Automating!

 Using your time and resources wisely is critical to meeting your real estate sales goals, especially in digital marketing. 

We hope today's article has inspired you to create digital marketing automation campaigns that can help you boost sales and save you time.