It's easy to overlook the things that we encounter every day. Sensory adaptation is a real phenomenon exhibited by a lack of awareness of our surroundings to the things that would otherwise draw our attention. For example, when was the last time you cleaned your washing machine's detergent tray or flipped and cleaned your mattress to make it last longer? Do you know what cleaning products are safe for a TV screen?

That same phenomenon happens with your tenants after living at your rental home for a while. Under normal circumstances, you typically cannot clean your rental if it is occupied, but you can provide your tenants with a welcome letter that includes practical cleaning advice.

The infographics below will dive into the benefits of having a routine cleaning schedule. It will also serve as a reminder for your tenants to remember to do the things that are often overlooked or ignored.

We'll cover everything from taking care of appliances to cleaning flooring and upholstery. These tips will help your tenants keep the rental clean during their stay, which in turn will make their move-out experience much more enjoyable when their lease ends.

These recommendations aren't just about keeping your property valuable; it's about improving your tenants' living experience and creating a home where things last longer, too!