In times of crisis, it’s easy to neglect your mental health. People are concentrating more on the financial side of the situation: trying to save their income, keep their business, and get through it with no major adverse consequences. But if you don’t pause to take into account the stress and anxiety such events bring, it’s hard to succeed in finding a balance during these challenging times. 

Right now, multiple landlords are facing issues like non-payment of rent and high vacancy rates. If you can feel it taking a toll on your mental wellbeing and reducing your resilience to stress triggers, it’s time to work on maintaining a work-life balance. That primarily means acquiring time management skills and learning how to stay calm under pressure.

Let’s go through a few tips on how to keep a strong work-life balance, even when it seems like an impossible task: 


Daily schedule

Being agile

Helpful tools


Long-term goals

Keeping work-life balance

Create a daily schedule.

Regardless of how many tasks you’ve got per day, creating a daily schedule is a must-do. Planning activities and adhering to the plan results in increased productivity and efficiency. It also saves time and makes you feel less stressed over the minor problems you might encounter throughout the day. 

For landlords who manage multiple properties, a schedule is a great way to stay organized and keep your rental business running if you’ve recently moved your business online due to the national lockdown. Sticking to a fixed daily routine helps you stay in control of your life and eliminates the need to spend time on unplanned activities.  

Embrace the change.

Working from home and managing rentals from afar might seem scary for many landlords who have never done it before, but if that’s the new normal you should try and adjust as much as possible. Remind yourself that people are challenged in life by many obstacles, but the way you respond to the changes in life defines your resilience capacity. Embracing the change means benefitting from it and letting yourself see positive outcomes.  

Utilize helpful tools.

To better maintain work-life balance, learn to delegate and automate your tasks. With the right property management tool in place, you can perform daily tasks more effectively and save time for other activities. It’s an easy upgrade that won’t cost much but will provide you with tons of useful features for making you and your tenants’ life easier. 

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Sticking to a fixed daily routine helps you stay in control of your life and eliminates the need to spend time on unplanned activities.

Fixed daily routine

Make time for yourself.  

Making time for yourself is also one of the most important steps towards improving your work-life balance. Even if you’re overwhelmed with work and your calendar is full of online events, find a few hours a day to exercise, meditate, go for a walk, or do any other thing you like. 

A great way to prioritize your time is to practice time-theming so that you have enough time to spend after your biggest tasks are done- without feeling guilty or canceling things last-minute. 

Set realistic goals for your business. 

The way we rent has undergone major changes over the past few months. From now on, the property management industry will probably be adopting digital solutions to fit the current business requirements and many of these changes will be permanent. 

For you to make sure you’re moving in the right direction, set long-term goals for your business that fit the parameters of a new business model. For instance- if this is the year you move your rent payments online set small incremental weekly goals to help get everything switched over. You’ll be less worried about the future, and will be able to live in the present moment.

Techniques that help to keep work-life balance
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How do you maintain your work-life balance? Do you have any other tips in mind? 


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