A dishwasher is not a privilege anymore - it is a necessity for most of us as we go about our busy lives. Dishwashers became especially essential during the pandemic when most people were working from home on a regular basis. 

How to Clean the Inside of the Dishwasher on Your Own?

If you don’t have a dishwasher in your rental property, consider purchasing one. It will definitely be considered a perk to potential tenants, who might have no time for daily handwashing and deep cleaning. 

As a landlord, you should keep your appliances in good condition. You’ll need to clean a dishwasher every two to three months to prevent damage and wear and tear. Even if a dishwasher appears clean on the outside, the inside may be full of bits of food and soap scum. Having a service pro around would be helpful, but how to deal with a dirty dishwasher yourself?

How to Clean Dishwasher

Theoretically, we can group the cleaning process into two parts - manual and automated. 

Of course, always be sure that the power is disconnected before doing anything.

  • How to clean the dishwasher drain trap?

To have full access to the drain, you need to remove the bottom rack first. Second, you will need a screwdriver to remove the drain catch and filter. Finally, you’ll be able to see down the drain. You will need a tool to remove any clogs from the drain. Use a cleaning mixture to remove any debris from the drain trap. Let it sit for ten minutes, then run the dishwasher with a normal wash cycle to finish cleaning.

  • How to clean the dishwasher air gap?

Blockages in the air gap may result in an error code or slow drainage. Be sure to turn off your dishwasher before you start cleaning the air gap. Remove the air gap cover, remove the cap covering the tube. Look to see if there is any blockage. Use tweezers to remove any obstruction and by using a tube brush clear any remaining debris.

  • How to clean the dishwasher filter?

A dirty filter is a reason for a bad smell in a dishwasher. Oily bloom can cause a leak. You should clean it with water and dish soap once a week.

How to Clean the Dishwasher Naturally?

Using chemicals for cleaning can potentially cause off putting smells and taste to your utensils. 

We recommend using natural cleaning agents.


  • How to clean the dishwasher drain with baking soda and vinegar?

We do not recommend using citric acids. A baking soda and vinegar mixture is a win-win cleansing solution that you can use every two months. Add some essential oils to your solution to make your dishwasher smell nice. 

Mix two cups of soda with hydrogen peroxide, add 3-5 drops of essential oil, and form balls. Wait till they solidify. Then put soda bombs into the bottom rack with 2 cups of vinegar. Run the dishwasher on a high-temperature cycle.


We recommend routinely removing debris and blockages to maximize dishwasher performance. It is also helpful to periodically hire a professional to check the appliances in your rental properties. 


Though some DIY projects are easy to complete, for others, there are repairs that require professional skills and specific equipment. If you’re unsure whether or not you can handle a maintenance request in your rental property, find a service professional in your area by posting a bid request

Please note that the option is available for maintenance requests in a “new” status only.

Check out the Help Center article to get step by step instructions:
How can I find a service professional within the system?


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