Meet Greg Gannon, who runs Gannon Property Management and The Right Move Real Estate Group. Greg started his TenantCloud journey in 2020, seeking a solution to help him streamline rent collection and data management for multiple properties.

We were having many issues before, which TenantCloud has smoothed over—being able to collect data from one source, collect rent from one source, applications, and vetting.

Greg Gannon
Property Manager

Before discovering TenantCloud, Greg faced numerous challenges in organizing rent and data collection. By signing up with TenantCloud, he quickly noticed how much smoother the platform made these tasks, allowing him to collect rent, track property data, and receive online applications all in the same place. Greg was especially pleased by the comprehensive vetting process and other services available for property managers, and has seen significant improvements in his business operations over the years.

Greg was particularly impressed by TenantCloud’s attentive customer service. Every time he called, he received concise and helpful answers on the spot. Greg is excited to continue using TenantCloud and looks forward to exploring their future updates.

Highly satisfied with the platform, Greg recommends TenantCloud to other property managers, emphasizing its ability to simplify property management and enhance efficiency.