Tax season is the reminder of all the receipts we didn’t keep and all the costs we didn’t track, so now we have to go back through endless piles of receipts, spreadsheets, emails and try to find all the information we should have kept track of the past year.  

Well, let’s make life a little easier. And TenantCloud is always there to assist. With this program you can upload receipts to each expense and then throw the paper invoice in the garbage. When I go to HomeDepot to buy some boards for the rental - I take out my phone and snap a picture of the receipt in the TenantCloud app and no longer worry about losing the receipt or tracking the expense.  

Tax Preparation Online With TenantCloud

With no more paper trail to mess with I can get rid of all those plastic containers in which I used to store the year's receipts (finally moved to plastic from cardboard about 4 years ago). That alone has been such a life saver. Anytime I need to look at a receipt I can go to my phone and look up the expense and there is the receipt to view or download. Little did I know that by saving space in my closet from plastic containers and uploading receipts to TenantCloud I also made life easier when it came to figuring out my expenses. Now I just run a tax report in TenantCloud and have all the information I need to complete my tax returns.  

Now tax season has become a little more work, but a lot more fun. With all the open space in the closet, I have decided to remodel :)

Moreover, by getting rid of plastic containers, I'm also getting rid of being a “paper lord”. It’s so much better to realize you can save a tree or even a few. With everything in my TenantCloud app, I don’t need to print reports or receipts, I can send them online. And that feels better.


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