Meet Caitlyn, the powerhouse behind Glacier Property Management, located in Lansing, Michigan. Caitlyn and her fiance started their TenantCloud journey in 2020 after seeking a better solution for their property management needs.

''We were struggling with bookkeeping and managing maintenance and payments before using TenantCloud. TenantCloud has made everything easier by streamlining processes and allowing property managers to keep everything on one site."

Glacier Property Management
Lansing, Michigan

Before discovering TenantCloud, Glacier Property Management faced numerous challenges with bookkeeping and organizing and maintaining their workload. When they signed up with TenantCloud, they quickly noticed how much easier the platform made these tasks, allowing them to save at least 12-16 hours of time each week. TenantCloud’s comprehensive features enabled them to manage accounting, list properties, and handle maintenance requests all in one place.

Glacier Property Management was particularly impressed by TenantCloud’s affordability and user-friendly interface. Transitioning from manual spreadsheets to TenantCloud was a game-changer, significantly improving their efficiency and allowing them to manage a growing portfolio of 25+ rental units while working full-time non-real estate jobs.

The duo at Glacier Property Management appreciates TenantCloud’s attentive customer service, which they say has always been fast and friendly. They are excited to continue using TenantCloud and look forward to leveraging the platform as they expand their rental portfolio, believing it will further improve their response times for tenant requests, reduce the time it takes to fill vacancies, and simplify their accounting process.

Highly satisfied, Glacier Property Management recommends TenantCloud to other property managers, emphasizing its ability to make property management easier and more efficient.

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