(Important note: We recently updated our plans with new pricing and additional features, so this information may no longer be accurate. For the most up-to-date TenantCloud plan details, please visit our Pricing Page. Thanks!)


Apart from the TenantCloud Basic plan which allows you to manage up to an unlimited number of listings under any plan, TC landlords can upgrade to Standard or Advanced plans and enjoy a wider variety of opportunities offered on TenantCloud. an unlimited number of listings under any plan.

Investing in TenantCloud Standard will help save both money and time with no-fees transactions, automated search for new tenants (Tenant Match), electronic signature, and other exclusive features. 

1. TC Payments

TC Payments are ACH (automatic clearing house) payments with NO transaction fees for landlords and tenants powered by Dwolla. Dwolla is a powerful payments platform that securely connects to bank or credit union accounts to enable the transfer of money for any individual or organization in the U.S., TenantCloud is able to provide an integrated payments experience for seamless funds transfers for our customers, while reducing the headaches associated with fraud, exposure of sensitive financial data, and complications of using third-party processors.

Landlords and tenants who enable TenantCloud Payments have the ability to add and verify up to 5 bank accounts and assign specific properties to every account. They can send and withdraw money from their balance, set automatic withdraws, view and manage transfers, view online payment status (pending, paid, canceled), and much more.
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2. E-Signature

E-Signature allows landlords to sign leases (which may be easily generated due to our customizable template) and send them to tenants for their e-signature and further move-in process. Landlords can put the e-signature once using a smartphone, tablet, touchpad or mouse, and it will be saved in their profile (with the ability to change anytime).

electronic signature for landlords

3. Tenant Match

Tenant Match allows landlords and tenants find each other with no extra effort. With Tenant Match turned on, a landlord will have the ability to view a list of suggested potential tenants after posting a vacant listing, and then invite them to apply for the vacant rental. So there is no need anymore to find realtors or share the listing to multiple websites, just leave it all to TenantCloud and save time.
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finding good tenants

4. Admin accounts

With an active TenantCloud Standard plan, a landlord (account owner) has the ability to add up to 3* admin accounts and manage their access to different parts of the system. Only the account owner can add admins, change profile & account settings, set up online payments, subscribe/renew/cancel the subscription and assign tasks to the team members.

landlord software

Admins can do all the other features available in the TenantCloud Landlord Portal. However, the account owner can set, view, edit and delete permissions for their admins for different sections of the system (accounting, rental applications, maintenance, leases, etc) and assign for the specific listings. Note, by default all admins have the full access permission.

property management software for landlords

*If 3 admin accounts are not enough, consider subscribing to Advanced or Premium payment plans at Ten antCloud.


5. Google Calendar Sync

We know how important it is for our users to have all their tasks on hand and therefore we added the ability for TenantCloud calendar to synchronize to Google Calendars. The synchronization will take less than a minute, and all the tasks added in the TenantCloud app will be duplicated to your Google Calendar.

landlord management software


How to change your Payment plan?

The easiest way to do it is to go to Settings -> Account Subscription, choose the plan and click Subscribe. 

We offer monthly or annual plans. Annual plans reward you for your loyalty with discounted price. For more information, please check our Pricing page.

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