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Who Is TenantCloud’s Affiliate Program For?

While every landlord or property manager can join, success in affiliate marketing often requires an established online brand and a sizable audience. So, let’s figure out how you can benefit the most from this program.

If you write in-depth articles on how products can benefit your readers, you’re a perfect fit. Take inspiration from Julia Del Rosario, one of our Affiliate Partners, who wrote about TenantCloud’s features and benefits of working as a property manager.

Niche Experts

If you provide online advice on utilizing products, you’ll find this program rewarding. Take a look at Grace and Amelia, and their WIIRE project.


If you specialize in a particular niche and introduce products to your followers, you’ll excel. A YouTube channel, like Kenton Knows, or a TikTok profile, like Rich Carey, can be a great platform to start.


Introduce property management to your audience by sharing success stories and benefits. Follow the format of a popular show like "REtipster Podcast".

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