When a document requires a signature, what do most people do? Print, sign, fax it to the other party, wait for them to print, sign, and fax it back, then finally print it for the third time... In today's digital world, this process takes far too much time and effort.

Even though it is a new concept (especially for beginner or old-school landlords), the ability for tenants to sign a lease online has become much more common. Millennial tenants value the convenience and security afforded by landlords who have gone digital.

TenantCloud offers a built-in E-signature to our leases, simplifying the whole process.

What is an Electronic Signature?

An Electronic Signature (e-signature) allows users to sign leases or documents on electronic devices (phones, computers, iPads) in seconds. In technical terms, “an electronic signature is an electronic sound, symbol, or process, attached to or logically associated with a contract or other record and executed or adopted by a person with the intent to sign the record,” as described in the 2000 U.S. ESIGN Act. Basically, it is verifying a person's electronic agreement to the terms of a document.

A type of e-signature known as a "digital signature" uses sophisticated algorithms, certificate authorities (CAs), and trust service providers (TSPs) to verify both the identity of the signatory and the authenticity of the document.

An e-signature can be your signature’s image, your name typed out or signed with a mouse, touchpad, or finger on your device's screen. E-signature is often used to save time and money because it’s much faster to transmit documents electronically than by physical mail.

The E-Sign Act, approved by the United States in 2000, established the legal definition of an electronic signature and gave them the same legal standing as a “wet” in ink signature. The Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA), which permits electronic signatures, has also been ratified by almost all states. These gave e-signatures the same legal force as their analogous handwritten equivalents.

How to Create an Electronic Signature?

While creating a new lease or revising an existing one, you can add an E-Signature/Initials on the final "Agreement & Signature" step.

  • Go to the "Type Signature" tab, edit the initials, and adjust the first and last name to create a new signature.
  • Choose the "Draw Signature" option, and then draw your signature to create it.
  • Finally, click the "Agree & Sign" option to submit the changes.

How to Add an Electronic Signature to a PDF?

Depending on the program you use to view or modify the document, there are many alternative ways to incorporate E-signatures into a PDF.

Here is the simplest way to add an E-signature to a PDF:

  • Open your PDF file.
  • Right-click the preferred place for an E-signature.
  • From the right-click menu, choose Sign Document. Note: Edit Mode does not show this option.
  • Opt for a Digital Signature.
  • To add the signature file, use the dropdown menus and radio buttons. 
  • To add the signature to your document, click Affix Signature.

With TenantCloud, you can upload a PDF file and drag & drop elements on the fields you want to require from the receiver.

how to create an electronic signature

The signature field is one of four types of fields available when creating a template. Use this field on the document when you need your tenant's signature or to add your own.

Can an Electronic Signature be Notarized?

Electronic signatures must fundamentally be independent, unique, and verifiable.
The e-signature and initials must be the same as a pen-and-paper signature or initials. 

You may e-sign, notarize, and process documents online without notarizing them.

Can You Sign a Lease Online?

We make creating and signing a lease straightforward and quick for tenants and landlords. With TenantCloud, you can create customized online leases, duplicate them, and autofill them. It makes the process simple and allows you to scale up your business while saving time. 

You can create and download your own lease agreement or gain advance with our Landlord Forms.

How to Sign a Lease Online?

We recommend using e-signatures when signing leases with your tenants. Using your TenantCloud profile, you have an option to sign the document and require an e-sign from the tenant(s) while creating the lease. From our side, we guarantee to store your e-signatures safely.

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Note, that E-signature is available with all our plans.