• DoorLoop: Tailored for a broad audience, including property managers, management companies, and investors globally. Offers an all-in-one solution with property management and accounting features. 
  • Stessa: Designed for rental property owners to manage portfolios and increase profitability efficiently. Focuses on financial tracking and reporting.

Are you a busy landlord or property manager tangled in the web of rent collection, maintenance requests, and tenant screenings? Selecting the right property management software could be the game-changer you need. The real estate industry has seen a surge in cloud-based solutions aimed at simplifying property management, making the choice between the myriad of options a challenging one. 

Whether you're managing a few units or an extensive portfolio, the effectiveness of your operations hinges on the software you choose. This complete guide compares DoorLoop and Stessa, two rental property management software in the real estate arena, to see which might be the best fit for your needs.

Both brands cater to different needs within the property management spectrum, with DoorLoop offering a toolset for a wide audience and Stessa focusing on financial efficiency for rental property owners. Let’s explore how these software solutions stand up to one another in terms of features, user experience, and value for money.


Feature CategoryDoorLoopStessaTenantCloud
Target MarketProperty managers, management companies, landlords, and investors globally.Residential real estate investors.Smaller to mid-sized landlords and property managers.
Feature SetAll-in-one solution with robust property management and accounting features.Focuses on financial tracking and reporting.More streamlined, covering essential property management aspects.
Pricing ModelTiered pricing.Free plan available; tiered pricing.Tiered pricing.
Customization and ScalabilityModerate scalability with tailored solutions.Scalability for various property sizes; customization details not provided.Tailored to smaller operations with moderate scalability.
User InterfaceUser-friendly, intuitive design for all users.Simplified interface focusing on financial management.Intuitive and straightforward, suitable for less tech-savvy users.
Integration CapabilitiesExtensive integration capabilities.Integration with various tools; specifics not provided.Some integration capabilities, notably with QuickBooks Online.
Mobile ApplicationFunctional mobile app for essential tasks.Mobile app for remote property managementFunctional mobile app for landlords and tenants, suitable for essential management tasks.
Customer SupportSupport with phone, live chat, and online resources.

Comprehensive support, including knowledge base and email support.


Good customer support, aligned with the needs of smaller-scale users.
Best Software VerdictPerfect for small and medium landlords.Ideal for residential property investors focusing on financial efficiency.Small to Medium Property Managers

Overview of Doorloop

DoorLoop emerged as a property management software designed to meet the versatile needs of property managers, management companies, landlords, and investors.

Key Features and Functionalities

DoorLoop offers a range of features, including:

  • Property listing and marketing
  • Tenant screening and rent collection
  • Accounting and financial reporting
  • Maintenance request management
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)

Pricing Structure

The flexibility in pricing ensures that DoorLoop can cater to the needs of large property management companies and landlords.

Starts at $69/month

  • Accounting & Financials
  • CRM for Prospects
  • Maintenance
  • Tenant Screening
  • eSignature
  • Email & Chat Support
  • Tenant Portal

Starts at $139/month

  • Outgoing Payments
  • Owner Portal
  • Market Online
  • Calendar
  • User Access Roles
  • Bank Account Reconciliation
  • Tenant Announcements
  • Customizable Dashboards
  • Email, Chat, Phone, & Zoom Support
  • CAM Charges
  • QuickBooks Online Sync

Starts at $199/month

  • Free Incoming ACH Payments
  • API Access
  • Zapier Integration
  • Free Personalized Website
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Data Storage
  • Unlimited Free eSignature
  • VIP Priority Support

Customer Support Options

DoorLoop prides itself on its robust customer support system, offering phone support, 24/7 live support, and online resources. This support network ensures that users can get help whenever they need it, making the management of properties as smooth as possible.


One of the unique selling points of DoorLoop is its versatility in managing a wide range of property types. However, its pricing might be a bit higher compared to other solutions. This makes DoorLoop an ideal choice for those managing diverse property portfolios seeking an all-encompassing property management solution.

Overview of Stessa

Stessa was founded in 2016 with a clear mission: to simplify the complex process of property management for residential real estate investors.

Key Features and Functionalities

Stessa stands out in the property management software space due to its focused approach on accounting software optimization for residential properties. Its key features include:

  • Automated Income and Expense Tracking: Simplifies the categorization of transactions and maps them to IRS Schedule E.
  • Financial Reporting: Generates detailed financial reports effortlessly, helping landlords keep a keen eye on their investment performance.
  • Tenant Screening and Rent Collection: Stessa recently expanded to include tenant screening, digital lease signing with its premium plan, and online rent collection, making it a more comprehensive tool for landlords.
  • Landlord Banking: Offers the option to open a landlord banking account for each property, further simplifying the property management accounting.

User Interface and Ease of Use

Stessa's user interface is designed with simplicity in mind, ensuring that landlords can navigate through its features with ease. The platform's dashboard provides an immediate, detailed financial snapshot of the user's portfolio, making it accessible for both novice and experienced investors.

Pricing Structure

Stessa's pricing is notably competitive, offering a free Essentials plan that covers some of the basic needs of residential property owners or real estate investors. For those seeking additional features, such as digital eSigning, advanced screening options, and property accounting, Stessa Pro is available.

Stessa Essentials
Starts at $0

  • Unlimited properties
  • Automatic bank feeds
  • Basic financial reports
  • Vacancy marketing
  • Tenant screening
  • Online rent collection
  • 3.14% APY on cash balances

Stessa Manage
Starts at $15/month

  • One (1) eSignature/month
  • Schedule E report
  • 60+ legal forms and templates
  • Priority chat support

Stessa Pro
Starts at $35/month

  • Unlimited portfolios
  • All advanced reports
  • Advanced transaction tracking
  • Budgeting and Pro-forma
  • Unlimited receipt scanning
  • Unlimited chart history
  • Seven (7) eSignatures/month
  • 5.09% APY on cash balances
  • Priority phone support

Customer Support

Stessa provides robust customer support, including a comprehensive knowledge base, email support, and resources like blogs and guides that are especially useful for new investors.


One notable limitation of Stessa is that it does not encompass a complete property management solution. For instance, it lacks a portal for maintenance requests or direct tenant communications, which can be a significant drawback for landlords looking for an all-in-one platform.

Stessa's dedication to simplifying the financial aspect of property management for residential real estate investors has made it a popular choice, particularly for those who prioritize ease of financial tracking and reporting over a comprehensive property management feature set. While it may not offer every tool a landlord could need, its strengths in financial optimization make it a strong contender for those with a portfolio of residential properties.

Pros and Cons of Each Platform

When it comes to choosing between DoorLoop and Stessa, understanding their advantages and disadvantages will help you make an informed decision that best suits your property management needs. Let's break it down:

Doorloop Advantages and Disadvantages


  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Comprehensive Features
  • Customizable Plans


  • High Price
  • Lack of Landlord Rent Payment Tracker
  • Technical Glitches

Stessa's Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Automated Income and Expense Tracking
  • Comprehensive Tax Resources
  • Focus on Residential Properties


  • Limited Commercial Property Features
  • Premium Plan for Advanced Features

Both DoorLoop and Stessa offer unique advantages tailored to different types of users within the real estate industry. DoorLoop’s user-friendly interface and comprehensive features make it a great all-rounder, especially for those managing various property types. On the other hand, Stessa’s automated tracking and tax resources cater specifically to residential property investors looking for efficiency and ease of use. Your decision between DoorLoop vs Stessa should consider these pros and cons alongside your specific property management needs and priorities.


For those who have yet to find a perfect match in our complete guide, we invite you to experience the TenantCloud difference. Our platform is designed to cater to the needs of landlords and property managers of all sizes. With TenantCloud, you can enjoy a comprehensive suite of features including:

  • Online Rent Collection and Tenant Screening, to ensure you find and retain the best tenants.
  • Maintenance Request Management simplifies the process of keeping your properties in top condition.
  • Automated Income and Expense Tracking, alongside robust Financial Reporting and Tax Resources, to keep your finances in check.
  • User-Friendly Interface, making it easy to manage your properties efficiently from anywhere.

TenantCloud is a cloud-based solution that integrates all the main features of property administration into a single program, making property management more accessible and less time-consuming. Whether you're a small landlord looking to manage a few properties or a large property management company with a diverse portfolio, TenantCloud provides the tools you need to succeed.

The choice between Doorloop and Stessa should be guided by the size of your portfolio, the types of properties you manage, and your specific needs. The best property management software is the one that aligns with your business goals and simplifies your operations, allowing you to focus on growing your real estate investments. 

Create an account with TenantCloud today and discover how we can help you manage your properties more efficiently.


In the bustling world of real estate, having the right tools at your disposal can make all the difference. Whether you're a seasoned landlord or property manager just starting out, the key to success lies in efficiency, reliability, and ease of use in every aspect of property management. From tenant screening to maintenance requests and rent collection, the goal is to streamline operations in a way that saves time and increases profitability.

We at TenantCloud understand that each landlord or property manager has unique needs. Our platform is designed to offer flexibility, scalability, and a wealth of features that cater to a wide range of property management tasks. From online rent payments and tenant screening to maintenance requests and financial reporting, TenantCloud is your go-to solution for managing properties with ease and efficiency.

Our user-friendly interface, combined with powerful cloud-based capabilities, ensures that you have access to unlimited properties, tenants, and financials anytime, anywhere. Plus, with customizable plans, you can choose the features that best fit your small business or comprehensive model, allowing you to scale as your portfolio grows.

We invite you to explore the benefits of TenantCloud and see for yourself how our platform can transform the way you manage properties. Whether juggling a few rental units or overseeing a vast portfolio, TenantCloud provides the tools you need to succeed in the competitive real estate market.

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For further reading and to explore our features in detail, visit our pricing page and learn how TenantCloud can cater to your specific needs.

Let us help you streamline your operations and grow your real estate investments with confidence. Welcome to the future of property management with TenantCloud.