Our 2022 road map was full of exciting features and improvements. To that end, we are pleased to share the results of our efforts throughout the year, which we believe will bring you one step closer to the day when you can relax without worrying about the day-to-day property management tasks because TenantCloud has you covered.

Let’s Get Started With the Brand-New Features:

Rent Reporting to Credit Bureaus

This year, we empowered tenants to have their monthly rent payments reported to TransUnion and Equifax, the two largest credit reporting agencies in the United States, to increase their credit scores when they pay rent.

One of the most requested features over the past few years has been rent reporting, and now we can finally support our current users and potential new ones with this feature.TenantCloud property management software updates

Online Payments 

Property managers have always paid close attention to reliable rent collection methods to effectively manage rental properties and stay on top of the financial side of the business. So, when searching for a new online payment processor, we knew we had to choose the best — and we did! 

We chose Stripe Connect because it is secure and seamless, with a simple setup procedure and low fees. It is possible to open an Individual or Business account and accept ACH, credit, and debit payments.TenantCloud property management software updates

Landlord Forms

Landlord Forms is an excellent addition to TenantCloud Document Templates. This year, we added ten documents for all states and five for Utah. Landlords and property managers can save time on paperwork by using perfectly organized templates created by professionals.TenantCloud property management software updates

Team Management Upgrade

We've added another upgrade for property managers with a team and multiple properties in their portfolio: the ability to assign properties to sub-admins so that specific permissions are provided to a specific team member, and only they can see the information regarding the property they are assigned to.TenantCloud property management software updates

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Notification Center 

Users can now manage system-wide email, feed, and push notifications from the Notification Center. Specifically, you can now modify the alerts you receive to better suit your needs.

Bidding Functionality 

Landlords can now find and hire service professionals for maintenance requests within the system. Service professionals must be based in the US, verify their identity, activate their public business profile, and select the services they offer so that the system can match them with a potential landlord. Once they enter a ZIP code, the search will look for jobs that match their criteria within a 60-mile radius.TenantCloud property management software updatesLeads Channel 

Landlords and property managers now have a way to contact prospective tenants without first having to establish a connection. TenantCloud’s Messenger Leads Channel allows you to text message leads and follow up with them.

Some Product Improvements: 

Improved UX/UI on the Equipment Page

Our newest layout has been implemented in the Equipment page's UX/UI. Equipment can be created by landlords without the selection of a property and then assigned when necessary. The Preview page now allows for the scheduling of periodic inspections. To ensure uniformity with the maintenance reminders section, we've automated the filling of the category and sub-category fields and added a "Post in advance" field.

New Map & Listings Search

The map has a new fresh look. New listing cards & list, view page, etc. have also been added to our list of user interface upgrades.

Listing Website Settings Redesign

We've reorganized the Listing Website Settings page into three tabs: Domain Settings, Website Layout, and Team & Contact Info.TenantCloud property management software updates

Rental Application Redesign

We have redesigned the Rental Application view page. In addition to its new look, we’ve made some minor improvements to better interact with the application flow.TenantCloud property management software updates

Maintenance Request Auto-assign & Re-assign

We now allow landlords/property managers to choose the default assignee for maintenance requests. In addition, the option "Auto assigning to maintenance requests" has been added to the Maintenance Request settings.

The ability to re-assign maintenance requests has also been enhanced: landlords/property managers can do so in any status (except Archived).

Maintenance Requests Attachments

Updates have also been made to the Maintenance Requests Attachments section. Besides audio and video, you may also upload a document to help illustrate the problem.

Recurring Maintenance Requests Redesign

In the Maintenance section, the Recurring page lets you set up routine requests for service. Property owners and managers will appreciate being able to plan maintenance requests, add necessary details, and monitor their status.

Affiliate Settings Redesign

We've updated the user interface for the Affiliate Program Settings page and made the Affiliate Program available to service professionals as well. As a result, landlords/property managers may send affiliate links not only to landlords but also to service professionals (and vice versa).TenantCloud property management software updates

Keys & Locks Page Improvements

The Keys & Locks page has been updated and is now more easily accessible. Landlords/property managers can sort keys by property using swimlanes for assigned keys.

Final Thoughts

TenantCloud's successes throughout the year were highlighted in the Year in Review, as were the members of our community whose property management was aided by our software. TenantCloud's services will continue to help landlords and property managers of all sizes, from small single-family homes to large corporations. 

We appreciate you for being a part of our community, and we were honored to be with you every step of the way. As we approach the beginning of a new year, we look forward to implementing even more features and tools for our property management software. Stay tuned because 2023 will bring new tools and features to continue to help you succeed.