Ghostly greetings!Halloween Decorated Houses

Halloween is here and almost all houses in the neighbourhood are decorated with pumpkins, skeletons and witch hats. This dracula, not far from our Chicago office, inspired us to look for the scariest and most terrifying Halloween houses we could find. This is the list of five of the most spectacular ones.

1. Spiders and skeletons. A skeleton of a woman walking with her dogs (skeletons as well) in front of the webbed house.

Halloween Decorated Houses

2. “My Home is a Graveyard” House. To turn your front yard of your cozy house into a creepy cemetery for Halloween is always a good idea.
Halloween Decorated Houses

3. House with monsters. Especially cool at night, when all the creepy creatures seem to attack everyone who dares to enter. 
Halloween Decorated Houses

4. Really a lot of pumpkins. There’s never too many pumpkins on Halloween. Especially when it is an arch made up of various ones. Just imagine how they look in the dark, when every pumpkin is glowing.Halloween Decorated Houses

5. Ghost town. These take the scary element at your house to a whole new level. Put them near the front door and enjoy the reaction of your neighbors :)

Halloween Decorated Houses

Remember, when you rent, sometimes it’s hard to decorate a house or an apartment because of rules set by your landlord or the HOA. However, you can always put a pumpkin with a candle inside on your windowsill, turn on the CD with Halloween sound effects or hide a skeleton near your porch (or make it hang out of your window if it is an apartment).

Now it’s time to get the candies, wear the costumes and watch scary movies!

Happy Halloween!


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