If you're a landlord then you know a tenant/landlord relationship is an important part of your investment business. Bad tenants are the number one reason for landlords leaving the industry, they neglect the rental, break the lease it and you spend thousands on renovations and repairs. Once you have selected your tenant and they have passed your application and background check screening criteria you begin a lasting relationship. This relationship can go on for many years. Though tenant and landlords tend to avoid hanging out together it is one of the most intimate business relationships. They live in your house:) So, setting the tone for how the two of you will interact into the future is very important. Sending a welcome package can be the nice gesture that will help your relationship start out right.

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And here’s what we suggest to include:


Important Information to Settling Into Their New Home

First of all, give your tenants all the information they need to settle in. Utility providers information, garbage route and days, street sweeping schedule are all helpful tips for a new tenant. Information about the neighborhood, neighbors, parks, local shopping and restaurants will be very helpful. Small gifts always have a place, so simple things like an outside plant is a great way to start things off. You can also see the plant as you drive by, which is a very helpful hint as to how things are doing inside. A dead plant can be an indicator of a lack of care for the home as well. You can welcome your new tenants with flowers to please an eye in the kitchen, small bottle of juice to celebrate the new home in a fridge or cupcakes on the table that everyone will enjoy. Such extras as tea bags and sugar sticks in the kitchen, toilet paper roll and little soap in the bathroom will be very useful. A floor mat is also a great gift in that it helps protect your floor. These small gestures will give tenants the feeling of care, but also cost very little in putting together a welcome basket.

Add More Personality

Actually, it is a great way to connect by giving some more details about you, your personal note introducing yourself and providing your contact details. This helps define your relationship without having to be too personal. If the tenant knows you go to a painting class every Wednesday then they are less likely to call you during that time. If your tenant feels like you’re approachable then they’re much more likely to come to you if they’re concerned about anything in the property, making it easier for you to protect and maintain your investment in the long run. And if you want to reduce the phone calls, but still be aware of all the issues in your rental, you should definitely use system like TenantCloud, where you can chat with your tenants, get maintenance requests and receive rental payments online. Easy to sign up, and easy to use.

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Show the Essentials

It would be great if you prepare legally required information all in one place. You can include: Energy performance certificate (EPC), Gas safety certificate, Tenancy deposit information, also information like, manuals for the central heating and any appliances you’re providing for the property. Providing this as you give a simple tour of their new home will be very welcome. Showing the tenant how to use all the appliance, heating system, refrigerator can also help by avoiding misuse and worse damages. Kicking it hard won’t help it work any more, so helping the tenant to avoid frustration can save you time in the long run and tenants will be more prepared to go about their tenancy without calling you constantly.

The Lifestyle

After the cost of rent, location is the most important factor for tenants, even ranking above property size. Let them know they’ve made the right decision by showing them what the area has to offer. This could be leaflets about specialist shops and markets or the café that’s a local institution. These useful details will help them to settle in, feel at home and, hopefully, stay with you for the long term.

White Elephant in the room

A welcome gift from the landlord is important as it sets the tone for the future, so avoid things with speakers and sound systems, so tenants don’t think you are fine with loud noise. Avoid alcohol of all kinds, so you don’t send the message that you will be fine with parties and drinking. No cigars or smoking type paraphernalia. Don’t gift any bar-b-q or fire starting type items - this should be something only those who bar-b-q get, so they are just sitting around as a hazard if they never use them.

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To be a great landlord it’s not enough just to get along with your tenants. To be a great landlord, you need to be a great business person. And customer satisfaction in business is really important. But with these small tips you can make satisfaction easily. Happy landlording!

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