Writing a really catchy listing that attracts applicants is a very tenuous job (it takes time to figure out how best to describe a rental to the right audience). You need to look through some examples, think what will differ your proposal, how to make it stand out. After all, it is important to find your winning formula and stick to it, which will save you time later. We hope our tips along with tools will help you in writing a listing that will bring you your next great tenant.

1. First Impressions

To begin with, the headline is very important. This is how you catch and drive prospective tenants’ attention to your listing. Make sure it provides information about important stuff like location, price, number of rooms/baths and a very specific (in a positive way) feature about your rental. This might look something like this:

Energy-efficient 3 Bed / 2 Bath, 10 minute walk from downtown Austin, Old Enfield, Modern Apartment, $2200-2500

Remember, that only when you combine three components the listing will work and drive more potential tenants. Words that are very common in listing titles, but may not be what you are trying to express are as follows:

cozy = small

cute = old interior

nice = will fall apart

perfect = landlord from hell

charming = not a lot of windows

Adjectives that help describe your rental of which also have a positive connotation are as follows:







Word content plays a big part in catching the eye, so try to stay laconic but at the same time give the most possible information.
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2. A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

I bet every blog you have read says photos are important, but some photos can work against you. Photos need to have a full view. Seeing the whole room gives the listing a full perception of the unit instead of a narrow lense photo. Lighting is also very important. Bring a lamp light if you need it to brighten up each room. Furnishing it slightly in the photo can guide potential tenants to envisioning their furnishings there, but don’t add too much or the room might look too small. Also, you should always include at least one picture of the kitchen and bathroom/bathrooms. Pictures of the front and back yard would be nice as well.

One more hint on photos. Many online listing websites limit the number of pictures to upload, so to get around this take a collage of 4 or more pictures. Just make sure your photos can be seen. Also, the photo arrangement should harmonize, so don’t just randomly put photos together. Create rooms or you can do it by tour.

3. Informational Component

Your next job is to convince people to come and see it, but at the same time without wasting your time. So, information should be very persuasive. Include details like specific location, amenities, access to parking, building specifics and other details that should attract potential tenants to the property, but don’t over do it (a “view” doesn’t mean a window). Another important thing is to add some magic. Definitely a listing saying “Apartment has floors, windows and a door” is wasted given the viewer can assume such. Add a few adjectives they will make your  property more appealing. This might sound like :

Capacious apartment with hardwood floors and glass doors

Don’t forget to proofread your advertisement and avoid generational specific abbreviations. Sometimes working on the same piece of information can make you less attentive and you may simply miss the simplest mistakes. So don’t rush and double check.

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TenantCloud Listing Example

*The screenshot is taken from TenantCloud's user Marketing Website

In Conclusion:

Renters need to know you’re a good landlord in order to trust you. If you want to gain trust, give prospective renters some tips about where to go in the area, show you’re accessible when needed, and be consistent in what you say. Use a property management software like TenantCloud so communication and listings are clean and clear to prospective tenants and an application is a click away. Save time. Store templates and then only edit them when needed. Plus, TenantCloud automatically shares your ads with different listing websites.

Generally speaking, an effective rental ad is short, sweet and full of great photos. The winning formula is completeness, all necessary information and pictures. Online property management tools with listing websites make this simple.

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