Home security is one of the most important things landlords and homeowners can focus on. But maybe making your rentals safe is already your top priority. You probably didn't know that proper landscape design can also improve the security of your rental.

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Not convinced? Here are a few reasons to persuade you that landscaping as a security measure is not just a good idea, it's the PERFECT idea.

Home robbery statistics are no fun at all.

Every year, burglars hit 2.5 million Americans, meaning that every 13 seconds someone becomes a burglary victim. Considering that most landlords try their best to protect their property and their tenants' belongings, the overall number of home invasions is huge. Installing solid core doors and high-quality windows, as well as installing an alarm system, are a must, because doors and windows are common entry points for criminals. However, in order to prevent any type of robbery, door locks and double-sided deadbolts aren't enough. Keep in mind that more than 77% of all crimes are related to property crimes. That's why additional precautions should be taken to maximize the security level of your rental properties. The easiest and most effective way is to use landscape design for physical security purposes.

Add some lights.

To improve the safety of your rentals, light up your landscape. Exterior lights make it look like tenants are home. This works like a warning sign for intruders. It's unlikely someone will enter your home without permission while the resident is inside the house. Exterior lights are cheap and easy to install. Moreover, they add coziness to the front and back yard. Motion-activated LEDs help to light up dark areas. This helps tenants know who's entering the property and notice any suspicious actions of unwelcome visitors.

Keeping the landscape maintained can scare off burglars.

Persuade a burglar that the rental is occupied, even if it's not. Keeping the landscape in good condition is what makes a criminal believe that it's better not to mess with its residents. Taking care of your lawn is another way to fool potential burglars.
One more solution is to use gravel on garden paths and walkways. It makes additional noise when someone steps on it, so tenants will be notified if an unknown person is about to make a visit. In addition, plant thorny bushes that can be used as a secure (and at the same time dangerous - for thieves, of course) fence.  

How landscaping improves the security of your rentals

Less hiding places and high trees.

One of the best types of protection is to minimize hiding places, especially in the backyard. Today thieves are pretty inventive, but most of them stick to old-fashioned entry points, such as the garage and back doors. Keep in mind that criminals are looking for the easiest way to enter the rental. If a back door isn't properly locked, there's no need to get into the house through a window. Talk to your tenants about locking the doors and windows whenever they leave the house.
Besides that, use low plants and natural fences that allow your tenants to have a good overview from different angles. It's an open secret that burglars adore high trees. Climbing up a tree and entering the house through a window - that's a classic, isn't it?

How do you make your rentals burglar-proof? Share your secrets by leaving comments below. We'd love to hear what you think.:)


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