Have you ever wondered how things will be in the future and how technology will continue to affect us? It's hard to imagine that soon we may be able to scroll and “like” posts on Instagram just by looking at them, but advanced technology doesn’t end in the social media sector. 

Nowadays, it's much easier to promote your rental than it used to be, and while tenants cannot apply for them by speaking to a robot quite yet (or can they? Alexa? Siri?), landlords can showcase their properties to millions of potential renters at once. TenantCloud goes even further by matching tenants who are specifically looking for properties like yours!

Now, on for our secrets. Let’s take a closer look at all the rental marketing opportunities you may not even know exist yet:

Use Your Listing Website

A personal website is a powerful reflection of your business and a cost-effective way to promote your products. A listing website, then, provides easily accessible information about listings, saving you time you’d otherwise spend on phone calls, emails, and in-person meetings.

With a website, you can organize and showcase properties to your taste. Renters can view all your properties in one place, see the amenities of the rentals you offer, and finally rent your property.

So how do you get started? You can set up your listing website in 30 minutes or less. Think of how much 30 minutes can get you:

  • Go through all your emails
  • Prepare a simple meal for dinner
  • Set up your listing site to start highlighting vacancies

Your website address will be formatted as YOURNAME.tenantcloud.com unless you have a Business plan, then you can add a custom domain.

To enhance your social media presence and improve search engine visibility, include links to your social media accounts. By the way, are we friends on social media?

Create an Effective Rental Listing

Crafting an engaging rental listing to attract quality tenants. Here’s a short easy guide to making your listing shine:

A Headline Is Crucial

It’s the first thing potential tenants see when they view your listing. Catch their eye with a descriptive headline. See if you can highlight key aspects like location, price, number of rooms/baths, and a standout feature of your rental. Be concise yet informative to grab attention.

Use positive, descriptive adjectives to make your rental shine:

- Energy-efficient
- Relaxed
- New
- Modern
- Scenic
- Quiet

Shine with Ribbons!

Want to make your property pop? Add a Ribbon! During the listings setup on TenantCloud, you can select a ribbon color and type. Choose from Standard titles like "New Listing" or "Pet-Friendly," or get creative and craft a Custom title that suits your property’s unique flair. You can create an eye-catching button or offer limited discounts, the choice is yours. Ribbons can highlight what makes your rental special and make your listing stand out in search results. Plus, they’re available with all paid subscription plans! 

Learn more: Can I add a ribbon to my listing?

Apartment Has Floors

Would you like to rent an apartment with such a vague description? Maybe that’s all the apartment has—floors. Or maybe not? You'll never know. What we do know is that for every listing like this, there are at least 10 others competing for attention. Typically, people will choose something more appealing and detailed. (Unless they have a great sense of humor.)

Include specific information about the location, amenities, parking, and building features. Avoid generic descriptions, and proofread your listing to ensure it’s free of errors.

List Faster with Syndication

Remember when posting a rental listing felt like herding cats? You had to log into countless sites, each with its own set of requirements. Different fields, unique image specs, and endless hours wasted. Well, those days are over!

TenantCloud's Listing Syndication tool lets you post your rental listings to multiple top sites like Zillow and Apartments.com with just one login. Now, you can wave goodbye to repetitive tasks and say hello to efficiency and speed. With our advanced listing syndication, you can promote your rentals on over 20+ of the most popular Internet Listing Services (ILS), including Rent.com, RealtyStore.com, Redfin, Rentals.com, Oodle, Apartment Guide, RentalSource, Rentalads.com, and Zumper.

Learn more: Syndication to Marketing websites

Why spend hours juggling different listing sites when TenantCloud can do it all for you? Our Listing Syndication maximizes your property's exposure, reaching millions of potential tenants effortlessly. It’s a total game-changer for getting your properties rented out faster and with way less hassle.

Premium Leads and CRM

TenantCloud’s Lead Tracking Tool makes apartment hunting a walk in the park for everyone included. Capture leads automatically whenever someone requests a tour, asks a question, or fills out a form on your personal listing website. We're matching your listings with tenants who are head over heels for exactly your apartment. Chit-chat with prospective tenants using our built-in Messenger, keeping all communications in one place. Add leads manually or invite them to apply online, and manage them effortlessly by updating statuses to Hot'n'Cold and logging activities.

Is it magic, you will ask. No, it's just us, your seamless property management software, TenantCloud!

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Renters need to trust you to consider your property. Sprinkle local tips, flaunt the area's perks, and stay reliable. Nail that rental ad: short, sweet, and eye-catching. And don’t forget to use TenantCloud to keep everything working like a clock.