During the times when you can hardly find good news, life-affirming stories about noble gestures, philanthropy, and simple acts of kindness bring positive energy and restore our faith in humanity (in case you’re about to lose it). 

Real Estate Stories

We’ve collected 5 news stories related to real estate that will make you believe in the power of togetherness: 

1. Mario Salerno, a landlord from New York, has waived the April rent to all of his 200 tenants. 

When some of his renters told him that they aren’t sure they’ll be able to provide the full month’s rent due to financial difficulties, Mario decided to lend a hand. For Mario, it’s not a matter of money - he’s worried about his tenants’ health and safety.

Mario is now our role model. Be like Mario! 


2. The Festival Palace in Cannes has become a home to the town's homeless during the coronavirus crisis. The homeless have access to food and sanitary facilities to decrease the risks of getting infected. 

There are also a few kennels for their four-legged friends.

3. New York helps numerous homeless people with coronavirus or symptoms of COVID-19 by offering temporary shelters in hotels during the pandemic. Since homeless people are in a vulnerable group, it’s crucial to provide them with basic necessities.

4. Becky Wass, a U.K. citizen, created a postcard saying “Hello! If you are self-isolating, I can help.” People can fill in their contact details and inform her whether they need any kind of help.

Becky is trying to maintain a positive attitude and support her neighbors during tough times.


5. Scott Bennett, a realtor from Canada, started buying sanitary supplies long before the first coronavirus cases were confirmed in Canada. Monitoring the shortage of hygienic products in the epicenter of the disease, Bennett decided to be ready to help the most vulnerable. 

He had about 100 sanitary supply kits to share with those who had tested positive or were at risk. 

Great job, Scott! 

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This is the type of information we all need right now.