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Run a screening right from an application

Run a screening right from an application

Pay for screening yourself or require tenants to pay

Pay for screening yourself or require tenants to pay

Receive ready reports directly to your TC account

Receive ready reports directly to your TC account

Stay safe with extra security measures

Stay safe with extra security measures

Get a complete picture of your applicants

Get a complete picture of your applicants

When a potential tenant submits an online rental application, you can run a screening report directly from the application.

Simply select the type of report and press purchase or require a tenant to pay.

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Select the best tenants for your rentals

We have partnered with TransUnion to provide the most thorough screenings available and make sure your personal data stays safe.

Identity validation for tenants;

Three packages to choose from;

Reliable data delivered in accordance with the FCRA;

Specific report formats that will help you decide.

Comprehensive Screening Report

A Screening Report includes both a background and credit check, plus a National Eviction Records search. You’ll get all the information you need to feel confident about renting out your place.

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Background check

Use background checks to verify an individual and check their criminal record, education, employment history, and prior evictions in order to confirm their validity.

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Credit check

With a credit report, you can see a potential tenant’s credit score, plus a record of their credit history from a number of sources- including banks, credit card companies, and collection agencies.

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Everything you need to move a new tenant in!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a tenant screening process?

As a property manager or landlord, you’re always looking for ways to improve business, which is why you should consider tenant screening. Our property management software provides a comprehensive range of services, including tenant screening.

A tenant screening report helps landlords choose the best applicant for a vacant rental unit. Reviewing a tenant's rental history and asking a few questions is not enough to make a well-informed decision. Therefore, tenant screening is the most effective way to identify desirable tenants from undesirable ones.

TenantCloud's tenant screening services offer the following benefits for property owners:

  • Lower risk of liability
  • Less crime and vandalism
  • Fewer vacancies and lost income
  • Improved tenant screening services

Tenant screening interviews are a great way to learn more about the people you're thinking of renting to and ensure that your property is in good hands. It is often recommended as a part of the rental application process.

Pre-screening questions allow landlords to eliminate prospective renters who don't meet their criteria. In addition to finding more reliable tenants, pre-screening gives you the chance to establish expectations for the rental process from the start.

We highly recommend running a full background check with pre-screening questions to strengthen decision-making. Candidates may intentionally give confusing answers, have a selective memory, or pull responses out of thin air if they aren't sure. Pre-screening questions are a simple approach to attracting responsible tenants and saving time and money in the long run.

What is a tenant screening report?

A tenant screening report is a document that shows an applicant’s financial and rental history. It details a person's payment history, eviction history, criminal history, and any red flags before a tenant moves into your rental. Manual tenant screening can be time-consuming and often does not include the whole picture; using property management software is an efficient and reliable way to ensure you’re doing your due diligence.

Tenant screening should always include:

  • Credit reports: including how much debt they have and whether they pay their bills on time to ensure they don’t have a habit of falling behind.
  • Criminal records: including whether they have been convicted of any crimes, so you can make sure your properties are in good hands.
  • Employment records: including whether they have been fired from any jobs, and meet income requirements.
  • Rental history: including whether they have ever been evicted from a property.

TenantCloud makes it easy to run a tenant background check, including criminal records, work history, past evictions, and more, thanks to tenant screening services provided by credit bureaus. A background and credit check and a search of national eviction records are all part of a full tenant screening report.

You can feel secure in the tenants you accept into your rental property with the help of TenantCloud's background and credit checks. After you've made sure your rental property is in good hands, you can move on to other matters.

What does a tenant background check show?

By searching national criminal records, state data, the national sex offender registry, and OFAC/most wanted lists, landlords can learn a lot about a prospective tenant's background. This will allow you to verify the individual's identity by looking into their past and verifying the information they provided about their criminal record, education, employment, and other personal details.

  • Criminal background check - when reviewing an applicant's criminal history, it's common to evaluate the kind of offense, the severity, and the length of time since the crime was committed.
  • Sex offender registry check - this registry is a list of all sex offenders who have been convicted in a certain state. The address, physical appearance, and criminal history of a sex offender are often included in registers.
  • Reference from a previous landlord – this is not necessary but always welcomed.
  • Eviction history - do not forget to verify that your potential tenant has a clear eviction history.
  • Instant State Data
  • OFAC/Most Wanted Searches

Performing background checks can help you select the right tenants who can pay their rent on time, as well as protect your property and follow lease terms during their tenancy.

Effective tenant screening increases tenant retention in a variety of ways; for example, tenants who rent a property for a longer period of time are more reliable. For both parties, a polite tenant-landlord relationship makes life easier.

We highly recommend performing a criminal background check for all potential tenants without exception. Background checks are necessary to avoid eviction. Not only are evictions upsetting, but they may be expensive and protracted, especially if the tenant contests them.

Why is a tenant credit check important?

A credit check and report will summarize an applicant’s credit history, which helps ensure a tenant is trustworthy. This report includes SSN verification, address history, bankruptcy searches, and a full credit report with a resident score.

A credit report gives a complete understanding of their financial situation and responsibility based on their credit score.

After a credit check, you should know:

  • If the tenant has a history of late payments at other properties.
  • If the tenant has any frozen accounts.
  • If the tenant has a history of dishonest check-writing, bankruptcy, or other unfavorable financial practices.

Many applicants won't provide this information voluntarily, but knowing potential tenants’ financial situation beforehand will help to anticipate how they'll handle paying monthly bills. For instance, if an applicant has a history of credit card debt, this may indicate that they have trouble making payments on time, which is a big issue when rent is due each month. On the other hand, if someone has consistently made timely payments on their debts and expenses, you can generally rely on them to make their rent payments as well.

How can tenants build their credit history with TenantCloud?

A good credit score means that a tenant will be capable of paying rent. With the help of credit bureaus, landlords can understand how a potential tenant has handled payments in the past on loans, credit cards, and other items by looking at their credit records.

TenantCloud offers the Rent Reporting option that reports tenants’ rent payments to credit bureaus to help build a credit history and credit score. When a tenant pays rent through the system, payments are reported to the following credit reporting bureaus in the US:

  • TransUnion
  • Equifax

Ongoing reporting of your on-time payments helps to establish a good record. This is an excellent way to build credit scores, which will mean more access to better properties.

Future renters can benefit from rent data reporting. Landlords want to know that they can trust their tenants, and having a payment history on your credit report sends that message.

How does rent reporting work?
Both positive (paid) and negative (unpaid) rental payments are reported to Credit Bureaus by our property management software. TenantCloud counts as a successful rent payment whenever a landlord marks an invoice as "paid" in full.

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