Are you looking for a tool that adds value to your rental business this year? Something that has the power to turn prospects into tenants and monitor your leads in one place?  

Thanks to the latest TenantCloud software updates, now there's a solution. We've been working on a leads tracking tool for a while, and we're excited to finally introduce it to our users. 

Transforming leads into tenants is now easier than ever because you can do it directly in your TenantCloud account. We'll help you generate quality leads that automatically appear in your list of new leads, which has the potential to improve your marketing campaigns, boost your productivity, and increase cash flow. 

Leads tracking tool

How does it actually work? 

All prospective tenants (including Tenant Match leads) who fill out a form are added to your list of leads- whether they send questions from your marketing website or request a tour.

You can also increase your tenant database by manually adding leads. 

Follow the link to learn more: How does CRM work? 

What’s it all about? 

The leads tracking tool allows you to:

  • change the status of prospective tenants and create notes 

Keeping track of the current status helps you organize your leads. The lead card itself highlights basic information about prospective tenants/owners. 

  • add tasks and assign them your team members

If you have a sub-admin, you can assign tasks to them via Leads Tracking Tool. A task will be automatically added to the calendar as a reminder. 

  • log calls and meetings

Now you can log a call or meeting, select data/time, add information, and select a call result.  

Leads tracking helps with rental organization- so you can focus on interacting with customers (in your case, tenants and owners) and optimizing your business processes. 

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