The coldest months of the year are almost here. What this means for most households in colder regions is that it’s time to look for ways to keep your house warm and comfortable. Of course, this also comes with worrying about escalating energy bills in the next few months due to constantly heating the house.

Thankfully, keeping your place warm in winter goes beyond just leaving your heater on around the clock. There are other creative ways that can help keep the warmth in and cold out, while keeping energy bills low. Here are 4 ways to do it.

Make use of the curtains/blinds

Even though temperatures drop during winter, the days still have some sunshine. Make the most of this free heating source by opening the curtains or blinds so the heat can get into the house. The heat from the sun can raise the temperature inside the house (to an extent).

However, you need to be careful to keep this warmth trapped inside the house. Be sure to close the curtains when it starts to get chilly. Besides trapping the heat, closing the curtains will prevent the cold air from getting into the house. Take this a notch higher and add a pelmet to the windows to prevent movement of air through the cracks in the window frames.

In addition, take note of the quality of the curtains that you use during winter. Thin and light-colored drapes belong in the summer months. The winter season calls for a heavier fabric- so be sure to invest in those. Moreover, if you have the budget, consider double-glazing the windows.

Get a programmable thermostat

Heating costs account for more than half of an average home’s energy bill annually. Most of this cost is recorded in the winter months. While running the thermostat is unavoidable in cold weather, you can still use energy efficiently.  

Consider investing in a smart programmable thermostat, one that lets you program the house temperature based on the surrounding temperature at different times during the day. For instance, you can program it for warmer temperatures just before you wake up so you can wake up to a warm house. Let the temperature remain low during the day, and then start warming up in the evening just before you get in from work.

Besides being energy-efficient and saving you significant amounts on your energy bills, it grants you the convenience of setting it from a remote location. If you still don’t have one,  Cold Air Central's programmable thermostats will warmly get you through the winter.

Seal the leaks

A significant amount of heat gets lost through air leaks around the home. If you want to retain as much heat as possible in the fall and winter, then you’ll want to take care of these leaks and other leaks to boost your home’s maintenance.

The most common places for leaks are the windows and doors, but those are just a start. Ensure you check thoroughly throughout the house. Think about the kitchen hood vents, basement, attics, and cracks in the exterior walls among other areas.

In addition, check other outlets that could be letting in cold air around the house. For instance, weather-stripping or caulking vents, HVAC registers, and plumbing fixtures can keep away cold air. You can also install a damper for the chimney to cover it when not in use.

Move obstacles from the heating vents

Furniture arrangement contributes to the home’s aesthetic feel, but also may have more impact on temperatures. You may have accidentally blocked the heating vents with a piece of furniture in a bid to get your desired arrangement. However, even if you hate getting rid of the current arrangement, the sofa blocking the vents has to move if you want a warmer house.

If you place objects in front of the heating vents, they will absorb the heat, preventing it from circulating to the rest of the room. Make a point of assessing all the rooms and removing any blockage to these vents to allow hot air circulate freely.

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