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What is TenantCloud Rentals?

TenantCloud Rentals is an internal TenantCloud listing resource which helps anyone to find their perfect home, office, or even parking space. You can post residential and commercial rentals as well as storage units and other property types.


Every tenant registered with TenantCloud can browse TC Rentals from their dashboard and look for vacant listings in their area. Posting your listing to TC Rentals will give you more chances of finding tenants quickly and efficiently using TenantCloud. 


Not all listings posted to a landlord's marketing website are included in TC Rentals.

There are two key conditions for listings to be added to TC Rentals:

  • The landlord must be verified by TenantCloud
  • The landlord must have an active Standard Subscription Plan or higher

This allows us to make sure that tenants only see trusted listings and keeps TenantCloud a safe community.


What is TenantCloud Rentals?



Last Updated:

Sep. 3rd, 2019

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