How do I change NSF fee settings?

By default Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) fee of $15 will be added to the Tenant’s outstanding balance for each failed occurrence.

You can change the NSF fee settings to invoice your landlord account instead, which will then automatically create an invoice for the tenant to then pay you for the NSF fee. This means you will be invoicing the tenant for the NSF fee and TenantCloud will be invoicing you separately.

To do this go to the Accounting Settings, switch to the “Online Payments“ tab and scroll down to the NSF Fee section.

Select the Landlord option from the dropdown. Provide a credit card that will be charged for each failed occurrence. Check the box if you want the system to automatically create an invoice to tenant from your name as a property income. Specify the amount you want to charge your tenant and click update.

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Last Updated:
Sep. 27, 2021