How do I withdraw funds?

All the rewards you receive for your qualified referrals land in your affiliate program balance. 

Once the balance reaches $50, you will be able to withdraw the funds to your Stripe account.

Please note!

  • You must set up the Stripe payment method in order to receive affiliate program payouts. 
    This link might be useful:

            How do I set up my Stripe account?

  • The receiver (affiliate) is responsible for the Stripe convenience fee.
  • The maximum amount you can withdraw at any one time is $500 per day.

    In order to withdraw funds from your balance, select "Affiliate Program" from the main "Settings" menu:

Click on "Withdraw" in the "Balance" section to transfer funds to your Stripe account:

This link might be useful:
Why is the "Withdraw" button inactive?

All payout transactions that are requested for your account will be displayed on the "Payout Activity" page, where you can look at the transfer date (when you requested the withdrawal), the status (pending, processed, or failed), and the exact amount that was withdrawn.


Last updated:

Sep. 27, 2021