Where can I find the lease signed by my tenant?

Once a lease is signed by your tenant(s), the lease and other related document attachments will be located in the "Shared attachments" section of the lease or in the File Manager. To locate the lease in the "Shared attachments" section, go to “Contacts” and open the three-dot menu for a tenant. Click "View lease." 

Make sure you're in the Leases tab. Here, you can see all the leases, to which a specific tenant is/was included. Click "More details" on the needed lease. Scroll down to see all shared attachments with your tenant. You will find the lease as well as additional shared documents saved in PDF format. The document will open in a new tab when you click on it. You can download or print it out

Alternatively, you can view the files in the File Manager. Open Account settings and then File Manager. This is where you can view all documents that are attached throughout your account. You can use the smart search icon to find a specific document faster. A click on the three dots near the Date section will give you the option to rename or download the document:

Please note!
An exclamation mark next to a file name means the file cannot be deleted as lease documents are sharable.

Last updated:
Sept. 22, 2021